1940 U.S. Federal Census of Rodney, Suffolk, Massachusetts

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USA > Massachusetts > Suffolk County > 1940 Census of Rodney

B Surnames C Surnames G Surnames H Surnames K Surnames M Surnames P Surnames R Surnames S Surnames

B Surnames

BerchIsaac born about 1881
BerchJennie born about 1891
BerchRegina born about 1912

C Surnames

CandlerArnold born about 1930
CandlerEdward born about 1933
CandlerEvelyn Rborn about 1927
CandlerGerald Pborn about 1939
CandlerGertrude born about 1928
CandlerIda Hborn about 1901
CandlerJulius born about 1895
CandlerLillian born about 1925
CandlerRoselyn born about 1936

G Surnames

GoodmanAaron born about 1889
GoodmanIrving Mborn about 1925
GoodmanLester born about 1923
GoodmanRose born about 1891

H Surnames

HorwitzLena born about 1868

K Surnames

KaplanAnnie born about 1905
KaplanHarry born about 1911
KaplanMayer born about 1873
KaplanPauline born about 1873
KertzFannie born about 1904

M Surnames

MarshmanEsther born about 1877

P Surnames

PrenskyHarry born about 1878
PrenskyIrving born about 1917
PrenskyJennie born about 1886
PrenskyMelvin born about 1923
PrenskyRita born about 1915

R Surnames

RichAlvin Tborn about 1923
RichHerbert Wborn about 1925
RichMark born about 1875
RichRose Jborn about 1883

S Surnames

ShermanFannie born about 1902
ShermanJacob born about 1926
ShermanLillian born about 1919
ShermanMorris born about 1893

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