1940 U.S. Federal Census of Tyringham, Berkshire, Massachusetts

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USA > Massachusetts > Berkshire County > 1940 Census of Tyringham

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A Surnames

AwokiDaizo born about 1885

B Surnames

BailyEsther Bborn about 1937
BailySamuel Hborn about 1901
BailySamuel H Jrborn about 1938
BennetttGeorge Hborn about 1914
BolisCalvin Bborn about 1898
BustRussel Sborn about 1915

C Surnames

CanonClifford born about 1886
ClarkBetty Cborn about 1936
ClarkCarrie Lborn about 1903
ClarkClifton Eborn about 1924
ClarkDonald Hborn about 1930
ClarkFrances born about 1927
ClarkJames Wborn about 1922
ClarkJennie Lborn about 1862
ClarkMartin Tborn about 1928
ClarkRobert Kborn about 1938
ClarkWilbur Sborn about 1893
ClarkWilbur S Jrborn about 1921
CunninghamArthur Bborn about 1908
CunninghamMarine Cborn about 1935
CunninghamRoger Mborn about 1936
CunninghamRuth born about 1905
CurtinCarl Lborn about 1908
CurtinCarl L Jrborn about 1940
CurtinMary Fborn about 1914

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D Surnames

DeanHugo Lborn about 1913

F Surnames

FerryAnnie Mborn about 1866
FisherLeroy Lborn about 1882
FisherMary Nborn about 1889
ForfaAnthony born about 1923
ForfaFrances born about 1933
ForfaGeorge born about 1931
ForfaHelen born about 1895
ForfaJoseph born about 1915
ForfaWalter born about 1892

G Surnames

GarfieldLena Gborn about 1870
GillmoreArthur born about 1885
GillmoreArthur Fborn about 1917
GillmoreElizabeth born about 1888
GillmoreGiles born about 1848
GillmoreRobert Lborn about 1919
GillmoreVolet Lborn about 1924
GondyTom Cborn about 1918

H Surnames

HaleAlice Mborn about 1927
HaleArnold Bborn about 1903
HaleDonald B Jrborn about 1929
HaleElizabeth Bborn about 1899
HaleElizabeth Jborn about 1909
HaleGeorge Gborn about 1930
HaleJessie Eborn about 1885
HaleWillis Hborn about 1906
HaningtonMarie Eborn about 1859
HealthHarriet Eborn about 1881
HealthJohn Fborn about 1887
HealthJohn F Jrborn about 1919
HeathCanan Aborn about 1901
HeathCanan Eborn about 1930
HeathMarcia Iborn about 1915
HeathRobert born about 1914
HeathRobert Rborn about 1938
HeathRoy Gborn about 1896
HogancampCornealius born about 1918

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J Surnames

JuddFredrick born about 1918

K Surnames

KitsonHenry Hborn about 1863
KitsonMay Lborn about 1878

L Surnames

LambShirley Eborn about 1934

M Surnames

MacdarbyMargarette Eborn about 1911
MacdarbyRose Gborn about 1878
McCarthyCharles Dborn about 1936
McCarthyCharles Tborn about 1914
McCarthyFreda born about 1887
McCarthyIsabel born about 1914
McCarthyWard born about 1889
McCarthyWard Aborn about 1920
McGurkEdward Pborn about 1896
MillerLiddia born about 1862
MillerSanders born about 1873
MooreJoseph Cborn about 1890
MooreLillian Cborn about 1864
MooreMani Sborn about 1893
MooreRobert Eborn about 1918

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R Surnames

RogerHanna born about 1856
RonseBlanche Gborn about 1874

S Surnames

SlaterEdger Bborn about 1919
SlaterEtta Gborn about 1857
SmithEd born about 1920
SmithEleanor Cborn about 1881
SmithIrem Wborn about 1872
SmithWillboughty born about 1858
StantonDonald Sborn about 1933
StantonIrene Pborn about 1913
StantonIsbella born about 1887
StantonPerin Lborn about 1910
StantonPerry born about 1884
StantonRussel Cborn about 1934
StaterCharles Eborn about 1918
StaterDuane Sborn about 1887
StaterGrace Bborn about 1895
StedmanCatherine born about 1896
StedmanFrank Wborn about 1927
StedmanWalter Pborn about 1897

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T Surnames

TaaylorLyle Wborn about 1878
TaaylorRaymond Wborn about 1887
TenellyAnnie Wborn about 1910
TenellyEdward born about 1939
TenellyEvert born about 1939
TenellyRichard Wborn about 1907
TenellyWillis Rborn about 1936

V Surnames

VandmarkLube born about 1875
VandmarkMary Lborn about 1885
VanormanChester Eborn about 1900
VanormanDorothy Eborn about 1927
VanormanFred Gborn about 1898
VanormanGeorge Lborn about 1937
VanormanGorden Gborn about 1933
VanormanHazel Mborn about 1907

W Surnames

WarrenGeorgette Hborn about 1863
WebbRichard Wborn about 1902
WhelerHugh Cborn about 1912

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