Bristol County MA Census Records

USA (618,007) > Massachusetts (20,507) > Bristol County (1,776) > Bristol County Census Records (18)

USA (618,007) > Massachusetts (20,507) > Massachusetts Census Records (553) > Bristol County Census Records (18)

Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the county level. Statewide collections are found on the Massachusetts Census Records page.

Bristol County Census Records

1790-1940 United States Federal Census Ancestry

1790-1940 U.S. Federal Population Census

Census 1790 US Gen Web

Massachusetts, State Census, 1855 Ancestry

Massachusetts, State Census, 1865 Ancestry

United States Federal Census, 1790-1940 Family Search

Adamsdale Census Records

A short story of the Cushman Union Church of Adamsdale, Mass. : including a sketch of the early history of Adamsdale Genealogy Gophers

Easton Census Records

Census (Easton Alms House) 1880 Tourtillott Family

Census 1790 Tourtillott Family

Census 1800 Tourtillott Family

Census 1810 Tourtillott Family

Census 1850 Tourtillott Family

Census 1855 Tourtillott Family

Freetown Census Records

Census 1860 US Gen Web

New Bedford Census Records

City of New Bedford [1910] : ward[s 1-6] Family History Library

City of New Bedford [1920] : ward[s 1-6] Family History Library

Rehoboth Census Records

Census of 1775, Rehoboth, Mass Family History Library

Rehoboth, Mass. U. S. census of 1790 Family History Library