Massachusetts Minority Records

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Statewide Minority Records

Germans to America Passenger Data File

Historical study of the Jews in Massachusetts (1650-1750) Ancestry

Irish to America Passenger Data File

Italians to America Passenger Data File

Japanese-American Internee Records

Leading Americans of Italian descent in Massachusetts (printed in 1946) Ancestry

Massachusetts, Order Sons of Italy in America, Lodge Records, 1922-1985 Ancestry

Massachusetts, Order Sons of Italy in America, Membership Applications, 1925-1955 Ancestry

Registers of Depositors in the branches of the Freedmen's Savings and Trust Co., 1865-1878 National Archives at Boston

Scotch Prisoners Sent to Massachusetts, 1752 (lists of names) Jane Devlin

Soldiers in King Philip's war; being a critical account of that war, with a concise history of the Indian wars of New England from 1620-1677, official lists of the soldiers of Massachusetts colony serving in Philip's war, and sketches of the principal off Genealogy Gophers

The American Jewish year book, 1903 Ancestry

The History of Massachusetts: Early Native Americans Through WWII Kindred Trails

U.S., Evangelical Covenant Church, Swedish American Church Records, 1868-1970 Ancestry

U.S., Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Swedish American Church Records, 1800-1946 Ancestry

U.S., Jewish Welfare Board, War Correspondence, 1917-1954 Ancestry

United States Japanese Americans Relocated During World War II, 1942-1946 Family Search

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