Worcester County MA Land Records

USA (1,133,862) > Massachusetts (39,658) > Worcester County (5,768) > Worcester County Land Records (82)

USA (1,133,862) > Massachusetts (39,658) > Massachusetts Land Records (574) > Worcester County Land Records (82)

NOTE: Additional records that apply to Worcester County are also on the Massachusetts Land Records page.

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Worcester County Land Records

Massachusetts Land Records Secretary of the Commonwealth

Worcester County (Mass.) deeds (1722-1866) and index to deeds (1731-1889) --, 1722-1889 Family History Library

Worcester County Land Ownership Map, 1870 (from U.S., Indexed County Land Ownership Maps collection) Ancestry

Worcester County Land Ownership Map, 1898 (from U.S., Indexed County Land Ownership Maps collection) Ancestry

Worcester County, Massachusetts land ownership map, 1857 Family History Library

Ashburnham Land Records

Athol Land Records

Auburn Land Records

Town records, 1773-1867 Family History Library

Barre Land Records

Berlin Land Records

Bolton Land Records

Boylston Land Records

Brookfield Land Records

Proprietor's records, 1687-1804 Family History Library

Charlton Land Records

Dudley Land Records

Fitchburg Land Records

Grafton Land Records

Harvard Land Records

Hubbardston Land Records

Lancaster Land Records

Leominster Land Records

Lunenburg Land Records

Deeds, town of Lunenburg, 1828-1946 Family History Library

Lunenburg Land Grants and Proprietors Records (from Massachusetts Town Records collection) Ancestry

Marriages and intentions, births, deaths, ca. 1765-1848, ca. 1796-1853 (roads, fences, deeds); births, marriages, banns, deaths, ca. 1833-1844 (Lunenberg, Massachusetts) Family History Library

Proceedings of proprietors meetings, 1729-1833 Family History Library

Proprietor's records, 1730-1833 Family History Library

The Early Records of the Town of Lunenburg, Massachusetts: Including that Part which is Now Genealogy Gophers

The Proprietors' records of the town of Lunenburg, Massachusetts, including Fitchburg and a portion of Ashby, 1729-1833 ... (land records) Ancestry

The proprietors' records of the town of Lunenburg, Massachusetts : including Fitchburg and portions of Ashby Family History Library

Mendon Land Records

Millbury Land Records

Property valuations, 1813-1853 Family History Library

Northbridge Land Records

Oxford Land Records

Petersham Land Records

Town records, 1733-1888 Family History Library

Princeton Land Records

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Shrewsbury Land Records

Southborough Land Records

Sterling Land Records

Town records, 1794-1849 Family History Library

Sturbridge Land Records

Sutton Land Records

Proprietor's records, 1704-1809 Family History Library

Templeton Land Records

Town records, 1733-1882 Family History Library

Upton Land Records

Uxbridge Land Records

Westborough Land Records

Westminster Land Records

Winchendon Land Records

Worcester Land Records

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