1940 U.S. Federal Census of Lower Gloucester, Cumberland, Maine

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USA > Maine > Cumberland County > 1940 Census of Lower Gloucester

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A Surnames

AllenEmma Vborn about 1898

B Surnames

BenetteLester Lborn about 1890
BlairCora Mborn about 1909
BlairHenry Wborn about 1907
BlairRonald Hborn about 1936
BloomAlice Dborn about 1899
BloomArthur Pborn about 1898
BloomMargorie Eborn about 1936

C Surnames

ChamberlainHerbert Fborn about 1912
ChamberlainJohn Fborn about 1884
ChamberlainLouise Gborn about 1922
ChamberlainMarvin Eborn about 1890
ChamberlainRalph Pborn about 1914
ChamberlainWilliam Sborn about 1877

D Surnames

DoughtyEugene Rborn about 1926

E Surnames

EmeryChas Hborn about 1873
EmeryEdward Jborn about 1934
EmeryFrank Hborn about 1898
EmeryHerlan Lborn about 1931
EmeryMaude Mborn about 1877
EmeryVerna Mborn about 1903

F Surnames

FarrarBarbara Bborn about 1890
FarrarLillian Kborn about 1860
FarrarRaymond Bborn about 1884
FordBessie born about 1883
FordDorothy Eborn about 1925
FowlerErabel Sborn about 1899
FowlerJohn Gborn about 1898

H Surnames

HashellCaroline Cborn about 1877
HashellFred Pborn about 1877
HealdBeverly Aborn about 1932
HealdFrederick born about 1905
HealdGrace Aborn about 1916
HiltonCora Nborn about 1886
HiltonHarry Fborn about 1871
HindsAnnie Lborn about 1890
HindsBeatrice Aborn about 1921
HindsPeter born about 1879

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J Surnames

JohnsonErnest Kborn about 1870
JohnsonViola Cborn about 1871
JonesHenry Sborn about 1919

K Surnames

KnightChester Cborn about 1870
KnightEmma Fborn about 1867
KnightIrving Pborn about 1870

L Surnames

LibbyBarbara Fborn about 1939
LibbyCecil Bborn about 1898
LibbyDorothy Mborn about 1927
LibbyEdwin Cborn about 1936
LibbyFrances Hborn about 1901
LibbyMary Lborn about 1868
LibbyWillie Aborn about 1871

M Surnames

MetcalbAnnie Bborn about 1865

P Surnames

PeacoKeith Aborn about 1927
PeacoNeil Gborn about 1930
PeacoPhyllis born about 1931
PeacoSybil Bborn about 1903

R Surnames

RobertsErnest Gborn about 1903
RobertsEthel Mborn about 1907
RobertsGloris Mborn about 1932
RobertsHoward Aborn about 1929
RoweFlora Eborn about 1866

S Surnames

StroutEtta Wborn about 1889
StroutRoland Aborn about 1917
StroutVivian Rborn about 1915
StroutZenas Hborn about 1882
StroutZenas Hborn about 1919

T Surnames

TaylorMarilyn Cborn about 1939
ThompsonArthur Gborn about 1920
ThompsonMinna Jborn about 1910
TuftoAileen Bborn about 1903
TuftoBarbara Arleenborn about 1932
TuftoEben Dborn about 1900
TuftoGerdon Eborn about 1934
TuftoPayson Aborn about 1928
TuftsDorothy Vborn about 1926
TuftsElaine Mborn about 1930
TuftsHarvey Mborn about 1897
TuftsNellie Sborn about 1906

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W Surnames

WhitneyGrover Cborn about 1886
WhitneySadie Eborn about 1882

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