1940 U.S. Federal Census of Richards, Montcalm, Michigan

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USA > Michigan > Montcalm County > 1940 Census of Richards

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A Surnames

AndersonPeter Cborn about 1871
AnnaIrene Mborn about 1920
AnnaLyle Mborn about 1918

B Surnames

BaneyBert Lborn about 1888
BaneyIrene Rborn about 1914
BaneyRobert Eborn about 1937
BaneyRuth Lborn about 1939
BluemFrances Jborn about 1915
BluemJohn Bborn about 1906
ButlerJohn W Jrborn about 1926

C Surnames

ChristensenLars Pborn about 1865
ChristensenM Sofieborn about 1868
CusterJ Vernonborn about 1911
CusterJohn Aborn about 1879

D Surnames

DintamanEarl Aborn about 1920
DintamanEthel Lborn about 1922
DintamanGlen Iborn about 1923
DintamanInez Eborn about 1926
DintamanLawrence Wborn about 1918
DintamanLester Cborn about 1927
DintamanMary Sborn about 1919
DintamanWalter born about 1929
DintamanWilbar Fborn about 1925

E Surnames

ElliottBenjamin Fborn about 1869
ElliottOlive born about 1874

F Surnames

FaremanCharles Cborn about 1902

G Surnames

GorsuchColeen Fborn about 1928
GorsuchDella Iborn about 1872
GorsuchDoris Jborn about 1925
GorsuchDuane Oborn about 1929
GorsuchGeorge Eborn about 1869
GorsuchMildred Iborn about 1897
GorsuchShirley Jborn about 1931

H Surnames

HenryJay Cborn about 1938

J Surnames

JorgensenGeorgiana Gborn about 1889
JorgensenJohn Pborn about 1889

K Surnames

KusterLettie born about 1926

L Surnames

LaneW Eugeneborn about 1872
LaveryLeland Rborn about 1910
LaveryRobert Lborn about 1934
LaveryVelma Lborn about 1908

M Surnames

MartinArla Mborn about 1935
MartinDallas Rborn about 1905
MartinMary Aborn about 1913
MartinPhillis Jborn about 1932
MartinRoger Dborn about 1938
MartinRoyal Dborn about 1936
MartinVirginia Mborn about 1930
MonroeCarolyn Jborn about 1936
MonroeClell Dborn about 1933
MonroeClifford Gborn about 1933
MonroeElson Rborn about 1924
MonroeKatherine Rborn about 1920
MonroeLillian Rborn about 1923
MonroeOpal Wborn about 1925
MonroeRuth Bborn about 1899
MonroeShirley Fborn about 1927
MonroeWilliam Hborn about 1890

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N Surnames

NelsonAlbert Eborn about 1921
NelsonAxel Fborn about 1891
NelsonEdith Cborn about 1888
NelsonMarjorie Sborn about 1897
NelsonPauline Mborn about 1922
NelsonWilliam Hborn about 1896

P Surnames

PersonDorothy Eborn about 1908
PersonGlenmore born about 1905
PulsNorman Jborn about 1939
PulsNorman Wborn about 1919
PulsPearl Eborn about 1920
PulsWalter Wborn about 1938

R Surnames

RoyerAnna Mborn about 1901
RoyerI Arthurborn about 1921
RoyerIrene Aborn about 1932
RoyerIsaac Eborn about 1895

S Surnames

SharpCharles Rborn about 1891
SharpMary Jborn about 1871
SharpWilliam Aborn about 1866
SnyderAbram Sborn about 1864
SnyderElizabeth Dborn about 1864
SnyderLe Roy Dborn about 1900
SnyderMarie Bborn about 1924

T Surnames

TitusEileen Jborn about 1923
TitusLarry Leeborn about 1940

W Surnames

WareGay Hborn about 1895
WareHazel Sborn about 1898

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