1940 U.S. Federal Census of Correll, Big Stone, Minnesota

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USA > Minnesota > Big Stone County > 1940 Census of Correll

B Surnames E Surnames G Surnames H Surnames K Surnames L Surnames M Surnames V Surnames

B Surnames

BarrThomas Rborn about 1871
BlahoskyGertrude born about 1921
BlahoskyJoseph born about 1883
BlahoskyMargaret born about 1929
BlahoskyMike Eborn about 1926
BlahoskyRosie born about 1888
BohlmanEric born about 1902
BohlmanJone Hborn about 1923
BohlmanViola Eborn about 1904

E Surnames

EumesEliza Hborn about 1867

G Surnames

GretzmakerJimmy Dborn about 1939
GretzmakerJohn born about 1890
GretzmakerWhinney Nborn about 1900
GutknechtElsie Lborn about 1893
GutknechtFlorence Eborn about 1920
GutknechtLeona Pborn about 1918
GutknechtOtto born about 1886
GutknechtWilber Sborn about 1915

H Surnames

HalterHerbert Gborn about 1908
HalterViola Cborn about 1915
HanesFred Eborn about 1868
HanesJulia Aborn about 1871
HinnebergClarence Wborn about 1914
HinnebergGrace Mborn about 1916
HinnebergMarie Cborn about 1915

K Surnames

KeeverBertha born about 1884
KeeverCharles born about 1887
KeeverGwendolyn Lborn about 1923
KeeverLeilaha Rborn about 1919
KeeverRobert Cborn about 1929

L Surnames

LeskeAlbert Hborn about 1912
LeskeMildred Hborn about 1914
LeskeRoland Sborn about 1939
LundgrenEdward Nborn about 1883
LundgrenInez born about 1927
LundgrenRena Cborn about 1888

M Surnames

MeyersJanet born about 1934
MillerAlisa born about 1859
MillerD Wborn about 1856

V Surnames

VaughanEdward Gborn about 1871

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