1940 U.S. Federal Census of Otrey, Big Stone, Minnesota

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USA > Minnesota > Big Stone County > 1940 Census of Otrey

A Surnames B Surnames D Surnames G Surnames H Surnames J Surnames K Surnames L Surnames N Surnames O Surnames S Surnames T Surnames V Surnames W Surnames

A Surnames

AndersonArlys Eborn about 1919
AndersonChris born about 1886
AndersonEdna Lborn about 1912
AndersonFred Lborn about 1889
AndersonGena born about 1870
AndersonGeorge Aborn about 1909
AndersonGeorge Hborn about 1896
AndersonHans born about 1873
AndersonHarold Cborn about 1920
AndersonJohn Bborn about 1889
AndersonJudell Cborn about 1938
AndersonJune Cborn about 1918
AndersonLeonard Mborn about 1916
AndersonLucy Eborn about 1898
AndersonMabel Aborn about 1888
AndersonRonald Jborn about 1937
AngerhgerAlma Eborn about 1917
AngerhgerOscar Oborn about 1915

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B Surnames

BeachemCharles Lborn about 1892
BeachemDale Eborn about 1926
BeachemGeneva Aborn about 1897
BeachemJoan Lborn about 1932
BeachemKeith Rborn about 1938
BeachemLavay Aborn about 1935
BeachemNorvin Rborn about 1924
BeachenHoward Hborn about 1914
BergsethHomer Jborn about 1912

D Surnames

DealHarold Rborn about 1923
DealMary Aborn about 1898
DealRobert Jborn about 1929
DealStuart Rborn about 1936

G Surnames

GlesneNora C Oborn about 1916

H Surnames

HansenKunte Cborn about 1854
HansonAlbert Nborn about 1910
HansonCarol Mborn about 1933
HansonDavid Gborn about 1936
HansonEdgar Aborn about 1934
HansonEmil Rborn about 1900
HansonHoward Mborn about 1929
HansonJoyce Bborn about 1930
HansonMardis Hborn about 1939
HansonRagus Mborn about 1904
HansonRuth Eborn about 1937
HansonVivian Jborn about 1938

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J Surnames

JensonJens Kborn about 1857
JensonRalph Cborn about 1901
JohnsonBetty Cborn about 1927
JohnsonDonald Jborn about 1937
JohnsonGlous Mborn about 1933
JohnsonJoseph Sborn about 1900
JohnsonLulu born about 1900

K Surnames

KachlerBertha born about 1901
KachlerBetty Annborn about 1934
KachlerDuane Wborn about 1937
KachlerWilliam Aborn about 1898
KnuterAdelia Eborn about 1918
KnuterAlbert Jborn about 1917
KnuterArnold Nborn about 1919
KnutsonJohn born about 1885

L Surnames

LarsonCarl born about 1892

N Surnames

NeihoffWilliam Hborn about 1915

O Surnames

OddenAlfred Eborn about 1916
OddenEdwin Aborn about 1907
OddenJosephine Eborn about 1883
OddenMartin Aborn about 1878
OddenMelvin Eborn about 1912
OlsonEsther Hborn about 1894
OlsonNorma Lborn about 1924
OlsonOscar born about 1888

S Surnames

SimonsonAnna born about 1858
SimonsonBuge born about 1931
SimonsonSelmer born about 1932
SimonsonSivert Sr born about 1857
SimonsonSuret born about 1887
SimonsonTrylene born about 1929

T Surnames

ThompsonAnna born about 1875
ThompsonJohanna Fborn about 1917
ThompsonMagnus born about 1917
ThompsonThormod Hborn about 1909

V Surnames

VaageChristiane born about 1856
VaaglHerman Jborn about 1894
VaaglMalene Kborn about 1903

W Surnames

WestbyMelvin Aborn about 1917

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