1940 U.S. Federal Census of Potamo, Lake of the Woods, Minnesota

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USA > Minnesota > Lake of the Woods County > 1940 Census of Potamo

A Surnames B Surnames D Surnames H Surnames J Surnames M Surnames P Surnames R Surnames S Surnames U Surnames V Surnames W Surnames

A Surnames

AicheleAlvin Rborn about 1924
AicheleChris born about 1885
AicheleErna Aborn about 1921
AicheleHerbert Eborn about 1930
AicheleLaura Kborn about 1926
AicheleLawrence Lborn about 1932
AicheleRuth Hborn about 1919
AicheleTheresa born about 1898

B Surnames

BancroftMrs L Sborn about 1864
BixbyArth Fborn about 1905
BixbyDaniel Aborn about 1936
BixbyDora Mborn about 1927
BixbyEugene Hborn about 1925
BixbyGladys Tborn about 1905
BixbyJune Rborn about 1929
BixbyRichard Tborn about 1936
BixbyWilliam Fborn about 1934
BrownBarton Kborn about 1938
BrownEdith Eborn about 1930
BrownLorita Mborn about 1932
BrownMarguerit Pborn about 1909
BrownMunroe Rborn about 1908
BrownMunroe Rossborn about 1935
BrownRamona Dborn about 1928
BrownStanley Eborn about 1937
BrownWinona Anneborn about 1933

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D Surnames

DollarhideBeckett Eborn about 1902
DollarhideNatalie Mborn about 1906
DollarhidePeggy Lborn about 1927

H Surnames

HarrisArthur Chasborn about 1911
HarrisBernice Zborn about 1939
HarrisClara born about 1912

J Surnames

JohnsonGlenn Hborn about 1934
JohnsonRussel Oborn about 1937
JohnsonWillard Lborn about 1933

M Surnames

MitchellLesle Rayborn about 1938

P Surnames

PedersonF Mborn about 1896
PedersonFreda Aborn about 1922
PedersonNels Hborn about 1927
PedersonPaul Oborn about 1923
PedersonRaymond Hborn about 1925
PetersonFred Lborn about 1898
PetersonMabel born about 1886

R Surnames

RonanErnest Aborn about 1910
RonanMabel Vborn about 1921
RonanMayme Dborn about 1904
RonanRichard Wmborn about 1907
RonanRicka born about 1877
RonanRudolph Wborn about 1918
RonanSylvia M Sborn about 1915
RonanViola Eborn about 1923
RonanWilfred Nborn about 1913
RosebbergCarl Hborn about 1910
RosebbergDale Earlborn about 1940
RosebbergFlorence Aborn about 1907
RosebbergRutheda Fborn about 1938

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S Surnames

SmithMuriel Dborn about 1909
SmithTheron Dborn about 1901

U Surnames

UsherFerris Aborn about 1904

V Surnames

VratisovskyA Eborn about 1906
VratisovskyEvelyn Aborn about 1908
VratisovskyJ Aborn about 1926
VratisovskyJames Dborn about 1939
VratisovskyRobert Dborn about 1933

W Surnames

WanzlikAnthony Aborn about 1930
WanzlikCarolina Lborn about 1902
WanzlikDonald Eborn about 1928
WanzlikGenevive Mborn about 1934
WanzlikJos born about 1896
WanzlikJos Sborn about 1925
WanzlikLoraine Lborn about 1938
WanzlikRichard Jborn about 1926
WilliamsAlinia Rborn about 1892
WilliamsDonna Gborn about 1933
WilliamsEva Aborn about 1908
WilliamsFrank Wborn about 1884
WilliamsGlen Mborn about 1930
WilliamsMorgan Eborn about 1906
WormsColeen Eborn about 1932
WormsHubert Pborn about 1901
WormsPhillys born about 1937
WormsTessie Iborn about 1907
WormsTheodore Aborn about 1935

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