1940 U.S. Federal Census of Ramsey in Ramsey County, Ramsey, Minnesota

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USA > Minnesota > Ramsey County > 1940 Census of Ramsey in Ramsey County

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A Surnames

AchterlingFrank born about 1893
AchterlingMary Cborn about 1894
AndrewsFloren born about 1905
AndrewsMarjorie born about 1932
AndrewsShirley born about 1912

B Surnames

BarkinLucille Mborn about 1909
BarkinRobert born about 1909
BerkelandOtto born about 1906
BibberDavid born about 1937
BibberDolores born about 1911
BibberNazaire born about 1907
BrnberHelen Jborn about 1887
BrnberImmamuel born about 1884
BrnberLucille Lborn about 1915
BruceDarlene Marieborn about 1939
BruceDonald Lborn about 1935
BruceMarlys Marieborn about 1920

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C Surnames

CaineyBridget born about 1882
CarleyBetty Louborn about 1935
CarleyDelonis Rborn about 1930
CarleyDonald Dborn about 1924
CarleyMilner Wborn about 1903
CarleyPearl Oborn about 1900
CorboyMary Eborn about 1936

D Surnames

DimaggisCharles Cborn about 1916
DimaggisMayme Aborn about 1917
DimaggisSteve Cborn about 1937
DooleyHelen Hborn about 1895
DooleyJames Gborn about 1923
DooleyJames Pborn about 1893

E Surnames

ElertBeverly born about 1929
ElertDonald born about 1922
ElertLorraine born about 1939
ElertMervin born about 1934
ElertMyrtle born about 1897
ElertRichard born about 1925
ElertShirley born about 1931
ElertWilliam born about 1896
EndarleAmbrose Rborn about 1913

F Surnames

FalkGeorge Aborn about 1873
FedericiBonita Jborn about 1933
FlinkGary Dborn about 1939
FrenbergenHarold Rborn about 1918
FrenbergenLinda Joyceborn about 1940
FrenbergenLois Eborn about 1921

G Surnames

GraffClarence born about 1905
GraffHelen Vborn about 1905
GrotheClifford born about 1919

H Surnames

HaaatzEileen born about 1917
HaatzAlbert Aborn about 1915
HakeCleon Eborn about 1897
HakeGrace Cborn about 1891
HauensteinElizabeth born about 1887
HauensteinGretchen Eborn about 1917
HauensteinJohn Fborn about 1885
HitsmanAgnes born about 1907
HitsmanCharles Lborn about 1909
HitsmanCharlotte born about 1915
HitsmanHattie Wborn about 1888
HitsmanLois Lborn about 1923
HitsmanLouise Lborn about 1920
HitsmanRobert Lborn about 1925
HitsmanWilliam Gborn about 1883
HitsmanWilliam Rborn about 1918

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J Surnames

JersalFrank Henryborn about 1899

K Surnames

KamalncanAlvin born about 1923
KamalncanBertrum born about 1935
KamalncanDavid born about 1890
KamalncanDora born about 1894
KlockRobert born about 1922
KlockViolet born about 1897

L Surnames

LambertHarold born about 1910
LambertJosephine born about 1916
LandakerShirley born about 1918
LichtmanDavid born about 1915
LichtmanDora born about 1916
LichtmanHymen born about 1916
LichtmanMinnie born about 1875
LichtmanSamuel born about 1907
LichtmanSelma born about 1914
LindellArthur Lborn about 1917
LinnChristine Lborn about 1868
LinnRuth Aborn about 1892
LofbergDorothy Lborn about 1916
LofbergJohn Cborn about 1914
LongewayEvelyn Aborn about 1920
LongewayHelen Cborn about 1895
LongewayJoane Mborn about 1932
LongewayRobert Sborn about 1896
LongfellowBenjamin born about 1911
LongfellowDouglas born about 1940
LongfellowHelen born about 1913
LongfellowJoan born about 1938

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M Surnames

MaloneyMary born about 1915
MaloneyRichard born about 1914
McCubreyMartha Lborn about 1873
McNealCharles Aborn about 1898
McNealCharles Aborn about 1939
McNealCharlotte Fborn about 1927
McNealCreona born about 1908
McNealDorothy Eborn about 1934
McNealHazel Lborn about 1926
McNealLeona Mborn about 1929
McNealLouise Mborn about 1931
McNealVerna Rborn about 1923
MillerHilma born about 1890
MonsonThomas Hborn about 1918
MurrayGeorge Hborn about 1871
MurrayIda Hborn about 1872
MurrayIrene Eborn about 1906
MurrayLeo Rborn about 1904

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N Surnames

NelsonJames Wborn about 1938
NelsonKatherine Aborn about 1939
NelsonRussell Jborn about 1916
NelsonRuth Mborn about 1916
Newquist??? Aborn about 1891

O Surnames

OconnorMartin Mborn about 1881
OconnorMary Annborn about 1882
OdonnellJohn Jborn about 1901
OdonnellMargaret born about 1905

P Surnames

PlontyFrank Fborn about 1891
PlontyStella Jborn about 1887
PuruisRobert born about 1874

Q Surnames

QualleAlice born about 1911
QualleGeorge born about 1906

R Surnames

ReedsJennie Mborn about 1865

S Surnames

SatakAgnes Rborn about 1916
SatakBeverly Annborn about 1939
SatakJohn Jborn about 1917
SatakJohn J Jrborn about 1940
SchultzElmer born about 1913
SchultzElsie Jborn about 1909
SchultzElsie Mborn about 1906
SchultzJohn born about 1901
SchultzKatherine Eborn about 1933
SchultzLeonard born about 1935
SchultzLeonard Fborn about 1907
SchultzRobert Jborn about 1936
ShearnTheresa Aborn about 1891
ShearnThomas Jborn about 1894
SindtAgnes born about 1862
SittersFrances Ireneborn about 1894
SittersHenry born about 1891
SmithJohn Eborn about 1890
SmithMartha born about 1885
SpeakCarl born about 1926
SpeakElizabeth born about 1924
SpeakHarold born about 1925
SpeakHenry born about 1933
SpeakJohn born about 1922
SpeakMargaret born about 1893
StoffelsAnne born about 1906
StoffelsJohn Fborn about 1933
StoffelsJohn Hborn about 1903
StoffelsMary Louborn about 1925
StoffelsRuth Anneborn about 1928
StronckElizabeth Nborn about 1872
StronckNickle born about 1872
StronckWilliam Nborn about 1902

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V Surnames

VowlesBarbara Jeanborn about 1938
VowlesFrank born about 1907
VowlesGladys Jborn about 1906

W Surnames

WalfAlma Lborn about 1884
WesterlundJoseph born about 1895
WihteCalvin born about 1868
WihteHattie born about 1873
WillAnna born about 1887
WillClarence born about 1912
WillFred born about 1886
WillJune born about 1920
WituckiMarion Mborn about 1916

Z Surnames

ZickEarnest born about 1908
ZickEarnsten born about 1880
ZickErna born about 1924
ZickFred born about 1870

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