1940 U.S. Federal Census of Logan in Stone County, Stone, Missouri

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USA > Missouri > Stone County > 1940 Census of Logan in Stone County

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A Surnames

AsherBertie born about 1884
AsherBlanche born about 1897
AsherClara born about 1892
AsherDenver born about 1924
AsherDorthy Juneborn about 1934
AsherEli born about 1882
AsherEli Eborn about 1935
AsherJames Pborn about 1883
AsherJohn born about 1890
AsherJohn Wborn about 1923
AsherLula born about 1912
AsherMary born about 1898
AsherMary Jborn about 1857
AsherMary Ruthborn about 1933
AsherRuth born about 1915
AsherSharan Jborn about 1939
AsherThena born about 1938
AsherWilliam Bborn about 1897
AsherWilliam Sborn about 1853
AustinDelmer born about 1920
AustinJames Floydborn about 1936
AustinJoe Deanborn about 1934
AustinOna born about 1893
AustinRhudolph born about 1923
AustinRichard Aborn about 1872
AustinRichard Jr born about 1931

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B Surnames

BendAda born about 1902
BendAnna Leeborn about 1930
BendBessie born about 1921
BendRalph born about 1900
BloomerJessie born about 1924
BloomerLuther Pborn about 1919
BloomerRalph Vborn about 1915
BranstetterJames born about 1925
BranstutterJeneral Gborn about 1875
BranstutterPearl born about 1895
BranyLester born about 1911
ButlerJohn Jborn about 1853

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C Surnames

CarneyBurl Dborn about 1932
CarneyCeessan Fborn about 1897
CarneyJames Wborn about 1920
CarneyJoe born about 1917
CarneyJohn Pborn about 1923
CarneyLora Maeborn about 1929
CarneyMardie born about 1920
CarneyMary Francisborn about 1925
CarneyWanda Maeborn about 1899
ChambessElsie born about 1913
ChambessKenneth born about 1935
ChambessRobert born about 1910
CurtissBertha Deanborn about 1935
CurtissBurnel Fborn about 1911
CurtissIngant born about 1940
CurtissJessie Jborn about 1932
CurtissKatherine born about 1934
CurtissMinerva born about 1913

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D Surnames

DaughertyWalter born about 1920
DuraniaChestina born about 1919
DuraniaPaul born about 1882

E Surnames

EllenJames born about 1914
EssaryArthur born about 1912
EssaryClifford born about
EssaryFinis born about 1933
EssaryLenna born about 1914
EvansBettie Blanchborn about 1936
EvansBlanche born about 1911
EvansCharles Lborn about 1912
EvansFreddie born about 1934

H Surnames

HensonEdward Kborn about 1874
HensonGertrude born about 1883

J Surnames

JenaryAllen born about 1909
JenaryBobbie Joeborn about 1933
JenaryDorothy Bleneborn about 1930
JenaryMabel born about 1909
JenkinsCarrie Bborn about 1906
JenkinsDela Fayborn about 1930
JenkinsHerald Lborn about 1939
JenkinsJohn Mborn about 1937
JenkinsLaniese born about 1935
JenkinsLoyal Dborn about 1932
JenkinsOrville Hborn about 1904
JonesOlive Jborn about 1925
JonesOliver Mborn about 1885
JonesRene born about 1888

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K Surnames

KeplerBillie Hborn about 1932
KeplerHelen Jeanborn about 1936
KeplerHugh Wborn about 1905
KeplerJames Lborn about 1924
KeplerJohn Eborn about 1939
KeplerLeonard born about 1926
KeplerLeoner born about 1906
KeplerMary Edithborn about 1930
KeplerOscar Lborn about 1928
KeplerWanda Maeborn about 1934
KingClaude Eborn about 1915
KingElsa born about 1891
KingJ Lenardborn about 1883
KingJoyce born about 1938
KingLenna born about 1923
KingOpal born about 1915

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P Surnames

PhelpsBobbie Dborn about 1938
PhelpsEdna Mborn about 1917
PhelpsJimmie born about 1939
PriestCharles Eborn about 1907
PriestClura Fborn about 1938
PriestFay Hborn about 1908

Q Surnames

QuinbyEunice Lborn about 1898
QuinbyHelen born about 1925
QuinbyLoy Sborn about 1899

R Surnames

RichardsonBertha born about 1934

S Surnames

SaltkillCharles born about 1916
SaltkillEdith Pborn about 1885
SaltkillJohn Cborn about 1876
SaltkillRhoda Aborn about 1855
SaltkillRobert born about 1913
SavageJames B Mborn about 1933
SavageJames Tborn about 1894
SavageSarah Annborn about 1892
ScottBennie Leeborn about 1929
ScottBetty Louborn about 1927
ScottEdward born about 1932
ScottEulalla born about 1906
ScottJerry Deanborn about 1937
ScottJoan born about 1935
ScottJohn C Jrborn about 1907
ScottPatsy Janeborn about 1940
ScottWilliam Rborn about 1915
SimpsonFlossie Eborn about 1913
SimpsonKenneth Eborn about 1938
SimpsonN Joakborn about 1913
SimpsonOmar Dborn about 1934
SkortJohn Wborn about 1885
SkortJohn W 3rdborn about 1926
SkortSarah Fborn about 1924
SmithAlma born about 1898
SmithArnold born about 1921
SmithBillie Cborn about 1939
SmithBobbie born about 1933
SmithBright Wborn about 1882
SmithCarl Wborn about 1905
SmithCecil Bborn about 1914
SmithCharles Wborn about 1936
SmithClande born about 1937
SmithCleo Hborn about 1921
SmithClifford born about 1925
SmithEdna born about 1928
SmithGeorge born about 1923
SmithInez born about 1939
SmithJohn Wborn about 1898
SmithJohn Jr born about 1932
SmithJudea Annborn about 1886
SmithKenneth Lborn about 1937
SmithLola born about 1935
SmithMona born about 1918
SmithVerda born about 1906
StumpffBertha born about 1901
StumpffEdna born about 1914
StumpffGerald born about 1916
StumpffJoe born about 1936
StumpffRhuel born about 1900
SummersFlorence born about 1886
SummersHarry born about 1878
SummersRudolph born about 1913

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T Surnames

TaenBessie Pborn about 1907
TaenWalter Eborn about 1900
ThrelfallCallie Bborn about 1897
ThrelfallHenry Pborn about 1897
ThrelfallInez born about 1923
ThrelfallNorma Rborn about 1932

W Surnames

WellsHarvey Tborn about 1876
WellsMina born about 1880
WellsRaymond Tborn about 1910
WellsSilas Gborn about 1923
WoodhauseMabel born about 1890
Woodhouse??? born about 1900
WoodhouseLaurer born about 1899

Y Surnames

YetleyHenry Tborn about 1868
YetleyMaggie born about 1874

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