1940 U.S. Federal Census of Belmont, Gaston, North Carolina

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USA > North Carolina > Gaston County > 1940 Census of Belmont

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A Surnames

AbernathyCelestine born about 1922
AnthonyPeggy born about 1917

B Surnames

BallardDams Sborn about 1906
BallardFrancis born about 1905
BallardJuanita born about 1936
BrooksAnna Aborn about 1908
BrooksBaange Wborn about 1898
BrooksMargaret born about 1931
BurrisClarence born about 1935
BurrisEllis born about 1910
BurrisJemy Cborn about 1915

C Surnames

CappehyeAnne born about 1900
CappehyeRobert Cborn about 1901

D Surnames

DagenhateJ Leeborn about 1882
DagenhateRuth born about 1883
DonaldsonCeare born about 1916

H Surnames

HartgraneAnnie born about 1884
HartgraneHelen born about 1924
HartgraneJames born about 1921
HartgraneJohn born about 1906
HavisAnnie born about 1902
HavisEldora born about 1926
HavisRobert Eborn about 1902
HavisRobert Jr born about 1923
HavisShomas born about 1931
HelmnsEarl born about 1923
HelmnsPauline born about 1927
HelmnsRuth born about 1925
HelmnsStarola born about 1929
HelmnsSuny* born about 1902
HelmnsYules born about 1902
HeltonAillie Maeborn about 1934
HeltonBally born about 1903
HeltonFred born about 1929
HeltonJames Bborn about 1901
HeltonLoreen born about 1936
HeltonMildred born about 1926
HeltonRobert born about 1939
HeltonVialet born about 1924
HippsAileen born about 1926
HippsBobby born about 1933
HippsElzin born about 1925
HippsFrancis born about 1936
HippsHerman born about 1928
HippsJohnny born about 1934
HippsMadison Rborn about 1905
HippsMalvin born about 1930
HippsMildred born about 1906
HippsRichard born about 1931
HuffadicklarBobby born about 1931
HuffadicklarClyde born about 1918
HuffadicklarElla born about 1886
HuffadicklarLee born about 1881

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J Surnames

JenkinsErma born about 1890
JenkinsFrank Jr born about 1912
JenkinsJ Frankborn about 1890

L Surnames

LinebergerHenry Aborn about 1901
LinebergerHenry A Jrborn about 1935
LinehengerAnna Bborn about 1914
LinehengerJoe Wborn about 1911
LoydeA Jackborn about 1888
LoydeAnnie born about 1898
LoydeBrown born about 1930
LoydeLewis born about 1929

M Surnames

MilliganAnnie Maeborn about 1930

N Surnames

NixonHelen born about 1921
NixonRichard born about 1917

R Surnames

RicheyLozder Sborn about 1913
RicheyRachel born about 1913
RobertsEthel born about 1915
RobertsJames Nborn about 1914
RobertsLany born about 1939
RobertsLouise born about 1918
RobertsPaul Eborn about 1916
RobertsSad Mborn about 1936
RoulandJames Aborn about 1906
RoulandLala Maeborn about 1908
RymfettConner Sborn about 1897
RymfettJean born about 1934
RymfettJoan born about 1932
RymfettLacary born about 1899
RymfettLahan born about 1922
RymfettLoyde born about 1924
RymfettSesrga born about 1922

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S Surnames

SmothereayEddie born about 1937
SmothereayFred born about 1909
SmothereayLetty born about 1908
SrahamAdam Sborn about 1881
SrahamPeark born about 1901

T Surnames

TraywickArdie Jacborn about 1909
TraywickBobby Jacborn about 1931
TraywickCharles born about 1928
TraywickL Bargueborn about 1902
TraywickSary Leanborn about 1933
TraywickShirley Dborn about 1935
TurbybeeBatty born about 1931
TurbybeeNanis Wborn about 1899
TurbybeeSammay born about 1906

V Surnames

VancaAlvina born about 1897

W Surnames

WallaceMatthew Bborn about 1914
WallaceRuth born about 1914

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