1940 U.S. Federal Census of Bessemer City, Gaston, North Carolina

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USA > North Carolina > Gaston County > 1940 Census of Bessemer City

B Surnames H Surnames K Surnames L Surnames M Surnames O Surnames R Surnames W Surnames Y Surnames

B Surnames

BlackMargaret born about 1880
BlackMoidell born about 1916
BlairMelvina born about 1864
BlairWilliam born about 1865

H Surnames

HambrightBertha born about 1910
HambrightBetty Aborn about 1939
HambrightBobbie Aborn about 1939
HambrightLouis born about 1931
HambrightRobert born about 1905
HenryConstance Bborn about 1913
HenryJethro Rborn about 1910

K Surnames

KeeseFranklin born about 1891
KeeseLillie Pborn about 1902

L Surnames

LeeCornelius born about 1880
LeeElizabeth born about 1923
LeeJessie born about 1900
LeeRalph born about 1925
LoweryLeroy born about 1910

M Surnames

MeeksFulton born about 1915
MeeksHelen born about 1916
MeeksWilliam Lborn about 1934
MurrayWilliam born about 1905

O Surnames

OatesDaisy born about 1884
OatesWilliam born about 1885

R Surnames

RamsettFrances born about 1865
RamsettJefferson born about 1861

W Surnames

WebberBenjamin Fborn about 1898
WebberBright Rborn about 1898
WebberCalvin Cborn about 1924
WebberEunice born about 1930
WebberMary Aborn about 1926
WebberThelma Eborn about 1928
WhiteFlorence born about 1916
WhiteLee born about 1899
WoodleyR Calvinborn about 1920
WrightHerbert born about 1931
WrightJames born about 1930
WrightMary born about 1879
WrightThomas Cborn about 1928

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Y Surnames

YoungbloodWilbert born about 1917

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