1940 U.S. Federal Census of Godwin, Cumberland, North Carolina

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USA > North Carolina > Cumberland County > 1940 Census of Godwin

B Surnames E Surnames F Surnames G Surnames H Surnames I Surnames J Surnames M Surnames N Surnames S Surnames W Surnames

B Surnames

BellCelesta born about 1916
BellClayton born about 1928
BellElworth born about 1931
BellLuke born about 1886
BellLuther born about 1916
BellSylvesta born about 1933

E Surnames

EdgertonEmmett born about 1897
EdgertonEmmett Jr born about 1922
EdgertonHarold born about 1924
EdgertonMilo born about 1897

F Surnames

FreemanGrace born about 1918

G Surnames

GodwinAnnie born about 1888
GodwinCleva born about 1893
GodwinRaymond born about 1911

H Surnames

HemingwayClifford born about 1899
HemingwayLucile born about 1904
HollandErma born about 1917
HollandLillie born about 1880

I Surnames

IshmanJohn born about 1896

J Surnames

JohnsonAlda born about 1918
JohnsonCharlie born about 1921
JohnsonPearl born about 1923
JonesMary Bborn about 1873

M Surnames

MarkhamEdgar Lborn about 1861
MarkhamMaggie born about 1868
McIntyreDonald born about 1900
McIntyreEdith born about 1906
McIntyreEdith Cathrineborn about 1935
McIntyreMargurett born about 1906

N Surnames

NormanMargaret born about 1917

S Surnames

SmithEdith born about 1936
SmithEula born about 1918
SmithJasper born about 1914
SpillCharles Wborn about 1884
SpillIna Aborn about 1890
StartingAddison born about 1878

W Surnames

WilliamsIlla Ruthborn about 1934
WilliamsJames born about 1904
WilliamsLula born about 1910
WilliamsMargaret ???born about 1871

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