1940 U.S. Federal Census of Portsmouth, Carteret, North Carolina

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USA > North Carolina > Carteret County > 1940 Census of Portsmouth

A Surnames B Surnames D Surnames G Surnames P Surnames R Surnames S Surnames W Surnames

A Surnames

AbbottJoe born about 1880

B Surnames

BaggEdna Eborn about 1917
BaggJesse Lborn about 1927
BaggLillian Dborn about 1898
BaggMarion Rborn about 1922
BraggThomas born about 1878

D Surnames

DixonAbner born about 1878
DixonArthur Eborn about 1888
DixonBethenia born about 1921
DixonElma Mborn about 1903
DixonFelts born about 1919
DixonGael Hborn about 1904
DixonMary Sborn about 1889
DixonNora Eborn about 1892

G Surnames

GilgoDonald born about 1921
GilgoEthel born about 1908
GilgoGeorge born about 1868
GilgoLina born about 1868
GilgoMattie born about 1886

P Surnames

PigottElizabeth born about 1896
PigottHenry born about 1898

R Surnames

RobertsAlbert Eborn about 1930
RobertsElen Rborn about 1936
RobertsEstella Lborn about 1932
RobertsNorwood born about 1902
RobertsRuth born about 1903

S Surnames

SalterAnnie Dborn about 1886
SalterDorothy Mborn about 1923
SalterErnest born about 1908
SalterTheodore born about 1881
StyronAnnie Hborn about 1873
StyronDorothy Lborn about 1923
StyronEdward born about 1880
StyronJodie Aborn about 1874
StyronKatherine born about 1888
StyronSadie Rborn about 1902
StyronWalker Rborn about 1899

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W Surnames

WillisElizabeth Aborn about 1939
WillisLeda Maeborn about 1913
WillisMary Eborn about 1866
WillisMilan Hborn about 1883
WillisWilliam born about 1881

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