1940 U.S. Federal Census of Ragan Mill, Gaston, North Carolina

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USA > North Carolina > Gaston County > 1940 Census of Ragan Mill

C Surnames E Surnames F Surnames H Surnames L Surnames O Surnames P Surnames

C Surnames

ConradAudrey Iborn about 1935
ConradJohn Fborn about 1906
ConradLessie Cborn about 1915
ConradMildred Bborn about 1938

E Surnames

EarneyCarrol Eborn about 1930
EarneyCharles Rborn about 1932
EarneyEdward born about 1911
EarneyMargaret Mborn about 1910
EarneyPeggy Jr born about 1935

F Surnames

FarmerAilane born about 1924
FarmerC Gborn about 1924
FarmerDenny Dborn about 1928
FarmerElsie Aborn about 1935
FarmerEthel Vborn about 1891
FarmerGrover Jborn about 1886
FarmerJohn born about 1920
FarmerR Vborn about 1925
FarmerRay born about 1935
FarnerJoel Eborn about 1922
FarnerLouise born about 1923

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H Surnames

HollandFreeman born about 1904
HollandHazel Iborn about 1927
HollandJames Fborn about 1926
HollandLaura Maeborn about 1929
HollandWillie born about 1905

L Surnames

LandJohnson Cborn about 1901
LandMaybell born about 1909
LandMelvin born about 1930
LandPaul born about 1931
LandRaymond Fborn about 1926

O Surnames

OwensBetty Joeborn about 1936
OwensCoran Eborn about 1909
OwensL Cborn about 1931
OwensLonnie Mborn about 1915
OwensMargaret Jborn about 1938

P Surnames

PuckettJoe Lborn about 1938
PuckettJohn Jborn about 1915
PuckettJoyce Jborn about 1936
PuckettLavy Sborn about 1939
PuckettViola Mborn about 1918

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