Halifax County NC Newspapers and Obituaries

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the county level. Statewide collections are found on the North Carolina Newspapers and Obituaries page.

Enfield Newspapers and Obituaries

Enfield Progress. (Enfield, N.C.) 1938-1976 Multiple Archives

Enfield Sentinel. (Enfield, N.C.) 1880-1881 Multiple Archives

Enfield Times. (Enfield, N.C.) 1872-1874 Multiple Archives

Progress. (Enfield, N.C.) 1905-1938 Multiple Archives

The Progress 1887-1924 Newspapers.com

Halifax Newspapers and Obituaries

Abstracts from the North Carolina Journal, Halifax, North Carolina 1792-1810 Family History Library

Citizens of Halifax County, North Carolina and Vicinity, 1824-1825 Family History Library

Free Press Microfilm Reel (Halifax, N.C.) 1824-1830 Multiple Archives

Free Press. (Halifax, N.C.) 1824-1830 Multiple Archives

Halifax Compiler 1818-1818 Newspapers.com

Halifax Compiler. (Halifax, N.C.) 1818-1823 Multiple Archives

Halifax Minerva 1829-1820 Newspapers.com

Halifax Minerva. (Halifax, N.C.) 1829-1830 Multiple Archives

Headstones of Halifax Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg

North-Carolina Free Press 1824-1832 Newspapers.com

North-Carolina Journal 8/1/1792 - 9/11/1797 Genealogy Bank

North-Carolina Journal. Volume (Halifax, N.C.) 1792-1814 Multiple Archives

Roanoke Advocate 1830-1833 Newspapers.com

Roanoke Advocate and State Rights Banner. (Halifax, N.C.) 1833-1842 Multiple Archives

Roanoke Advocate and States Rights Banner 1840-1842 Newspapers.com

Roanoke Advocate. (Halifax, N.C.) 1830-1833 Multiple Archives

Roanoke Republican 1843-1855 Newspapers.com

Roanoke Republican. (Halifax, N.C.) 1842-1856 Multiple Archives

The North Carolina journal 1792-1810 Family History Library

The North-Carolina Journal 1792-1810 Newspapers.com

Littleton Newspapers and Obituaries

Littleton Observer. (Littleton, N.C.) 1955-Current Multiple Archives

Littleton Times. (Littleton, N.C.) 1905-1906 Multiple Archives

The Littleton Courier 1892-1892 Newspapers.com

The News Reporter 1897-1923 Newspapers.com

The Times-Herald 1906-1909 Newspapers.com

True Reformer 7/25/1900 - 7/25/1900 Genealogy Bank

Roanoke Newspapers and Obituaries

Roanoke Rapids Herald 1914-1929 Newspapers.com

Roanoke Rapids Newspapers and Obituaries

Daily Herald 9/2/2003 - Current Genealogy Bank

Daily Herald. (Roanoke Rapids, N.C.) 1949-Current Multiple Archives

Roanoke Rapids Daily Herald. (Roanoke Rapids, N.C.) 1948-1949 Multiple Archives

Roanoke Rapids Herald. (Roanoke Rapids, N.C.) 1914-1948 Multiple Archives

Roanoke Rapids herald. [volume] (Roanoke Rapids, N.C., from 1914-05-01 to 1922-04-28) Chronicling America

Scotland Neck Newspapers and Obituaries

Commonwealth. (Scotland Neck, N.C.) 1882-1884 Multiple Archives

Commonwealth. (Scotland Neck, N.C.) 1896-1929 Multiple Archives

Democrat. (Scotland Neck, Halifax Co., N.C.) 1884-1896 Multiple Archives

Scotland Neck Commonwealth. (Scotland Neck, Halifax Co., N.C.) 1929-1976 Multiple Archives

The Commonwealth 1882-1922 Newspapers.com

The Democrat (Scotland Neck, Halifax Co., N.C., from 1885-02-19 to 1896-06-11) Chronicling America

The commonwealth (Scotland Neck, N.C., from 1882-08-03 to 1883-10-04) Chronicling America

The commonwealth (Scotland Neck, N.C., from 1896-06-18 to 1922-12-28) Chronicling America

Weldon Newspapers and Obituaries

Railroad Ticket 1881-1881 Newspapers.com

Railroad Ticket. (Weldon, N.C.) 1874-1881 Multiple Archives

Roanoke News. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989 Multiple Archives

The N.C. Republican and Civil Rights Advocate 1884-1884 Newspapers.com

The Roanoke News 1878-1922 Newspapers.com

The Weldon Patriot 1852-1859 Newspapers.com