1940 U.S. Federal Census of Barley, Cherry, Nebraska

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USA > Nebraska > Cherry County > 1940 Census of Barley

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A Surnames

AdamsonEmmet born about 1913
AdamsonHelen Aborn about 1913
AdamsonJerry Dborn about 1939
AdmasDelania Eborn about 1896
AdmasDelma Gborn about 1918
AdmasElvin Aborn about 1920
AndersonMargarette Eborn about 1907
AndersonRobert Cborn about 1892

B Surnames

BaltzEsther Aborn about 1914
BartholomewFremont born about 1906
BartholomewJ Heohelborn about 1917
BartholomewMelvin Lborn about 1939
BartholomewStelle Hborn about 1908
BartholomewVelma Bborn about 1916
BoothAlva Rborn about 1903

D Surnames

DaceAlma Mborn about 1908
DaceDarlene Jborn about 1940
DaceDeloes Jborn about 1932
DaceDonna Jborn about 1933
DaceDrrielle Jborn about 1904
DaceOrville Jr born about 1936
DawBobbie Lborn about 1932
DawJohn Jborn about 1879
DawMaline Mborn about 1919
DawMinnie born about 1880
DawsonJames Kborn about 1915
DemmickIris Iborn about 1939
DemmickLillian Lborn about 1912
DemmickRodney Lborn about 1901
DennhamKenneth Mborn about 1904

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E Surnames

EhlersRay Eborn about 1912

F Surnames

FinleyNanna Jborn about 1929
FinleyVirginia Rborn about 1931
FordPearl Mborn about 1921
Frank??? born about 1880

G Surnames

GaleBenjamind Iborn about 1875
GaleBeverly Leeborn about 1935
GaleEdson born about 1880
GaleEdson Aborn about 1928
GaleHarriett born about 1888
GaleHelen Rborn about 1931
GaleJessie Fborn about 1925
GaleMabel Leborn about 1927
GaleManota Mborn about 1921
GaleRuby Mborn about 1923
GaleWilma Jborn about 1932
GoodinElmer Cborn about 1919
GoodinWilma Cborn about 1920
GrayJames Wborn about 1909
GwinaFay Nborn about 1918

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H Surnames

HallLester Lborn about 1920
HallersAretta Mborn about 1931
HallersBasie Lborn about 1910
HallersFarrence Bborn about 1939
HallersFlorence Mborn about 1913
HallersLloyd Eborn about 1933
HallersLouanna born about 1935
HallersMarjorie Mborn about 1938
HallersRou Lborn about 1929
HallusGoldie Mborn about 1909
HarmahEvelyn Mborn about 1921
HeppeLuthera Mborn about 1910
HeppePaul Rborn about 1907
HeppePaula Mborn about 1937
HullGeorge Mborn about 1870
HullJessie born about 1874

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I Surnames

IavisMurrel born about 1914
IrvinGeorge Aborn about 1917

K Surnames

KundmanGlenn Gborn about 1917

L Surnames

LardBruce Gborn about 1925
LardDorothy Lborn about 1923
LardJohn Gborn about 1884
LardMyrtte Eborn about 1898
LinttBurdett Bborn about 1915

M Surnames

MaloneJennett born about 1898
McCrayClinton Hborn about 1930
McCrayEdra born about 1913
McCrayMary born about 1903
McCrayRoger Hborn about 1900
McCrayThesdore Cborn about 1923
McGeePerry Oborn about 1903

N Surnames

NellsAlbert Rborn about 1922

P Surnames

PemballAshles Rborn about 1917
PersmerFarrence Bborn about 1939
PersmerGrace Lborn about 1918
PersmerKenneth Bborn about 1909
PhillipsGloria Mborn about 1939
PhillipsHuldan Bborn about 1917
PhillipsSidney Wborn about 1917

S Surnames

SandersAmanda born about 1914
SearsHugh Rborn about 1862
ShadboltAnna Dborn about 1882
ShadboltGeorge Wborn about 1911
StinnHerman born about 1899

T Surnames

ThomsonLisly Eborn about 1917

W Surnames

WallingJone Owalborn about 1906
WallingMara Kborn about 1910
WallingRaymond born about 1926
WallmafornAnita Mborn about 1932
WallmafornGlen Cborn about 1908
WallmafornGlendene born about 1929
WallmafornSusan Pborn about 1935
WallmafornTimmie Iborn about 1909
WendtClarence Jborn about 1909
WendtRalph Eborn about 1908
WilkinsEdward Cborn about 1930
WilkinsEileen Dborn about 1935
WilkinsEmma born about 1873
WilkinsHelen Mborn about 1903
WilkinsLeyal Hborn about 1898
WilkinsMilton Sborn about 1872

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Y Surnames

YrbinRalph Eborn about 1910

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