1940 U.S. Federal Census of Buffalo Lake, Cherry, Nebraska

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USA > Nebraska > Cherry County > 1940 Census of Buffalo Lake

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B Surnames

BaxnebyWalter Mborn about 1911
BeemLouis Hborn about 1882
BeemMary Eborn about 1886
BorentStanley Hborn about 1920
BorverLewis Wborn about 1885
BoyetLavern Jborn about 1917
BoyetRobert Fborn about 1918

C Surnames

ClardyRuth Eborn about 1919
CobbDoris Eborn about 1919
CobbHarry Cborn about 1914
CobleGlen Wborn about 1909
CobleNora Eborn about 1881
CobleWilki Cborn about 1877
CotantArlene Mborn about 1935
CotantHelen Iborn about 1937
CotantLeo Jborn about 1902
CotantOpal Iborn about 1912
CoxBeverly Aborn about 1939
CoxDonald Aborn about 1913
CoxDonna Gborn about 1912
CoxMarvin Aborn about 1939
CroseRussell Aborn about 1907
CureySeth Pborn about 1881

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D Surnames

DaveyJohn Lborn about 1878

E Surnames

EberlyDean Dborn about 1932
EberlyForrest Fborn about 1897
EberlyGary Gborn about 1933
EberlyLeona Kborn about 1908

F Surnames

FlancheAlfred Hborn about 1901
FlancheLonie Aborn about 1894

G Surnames

GaryanMerle Jborn about 1905
GreggRaymond Eborn about 1914
GreggViolet Rborn about 1920

H Surnames

HallredHenry Eborn about 1915
HeclsmanAlfred Sborn about 1919

K Surnames

KnaprieWilliam Mborn about 1901

M Surnames

MarshalDowe Cborn about 1912
MarshalEthel Mborn about 1918
McIntyreJessie Jborn about 1892
McKinneyOrville Cborn about 1918
MedearisGereda Aborn about 1915
MedearisHoward Pborn about 1905
MinkClarence Rborn about 1916
MortonRussell Jborn about 1919
MuhlbackFred Lborn about 1920

P Surnames

PhillipsDaniel Kborn about 1920
PhillipsJessie Iborn about 1879
PhillipsLucille Eborn about 1921
PrindleWalter born about 1910

R Surnames

RoseberryGale Rborn about 1936
RoseberryGay Jborn about 1901
RoseberryJohn Jborn about 1938
RoseberryLenore Gborn about 1933
RoseberryLeslie born about 1895
RoseberryMarie Vborn about 1910
RoseberryOscar Gborn about 1876
RoseberryPaul Tborn about 1898
RoseberryPaul T Jrborn about 1934
RoseberryRaymond Rborn about 1897
RussellNorman Cborn about 1923
RussellNorman Wborn about 1870
RussellRobert Mborn about 1921

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S Surnames

SchmaliohnGeorge Rborn about 1889
SuttonCecil Jborn about 1916
SuttonEdward Gborn about 1939
SuttonFrancis Mborn about 1910
SuttonLondon Wborn about 1909
SweetHarry Lborn about 1914

W Surnames

WageyRichard Lborn about 1870
WaggnerHoward Eborn about 1909

Y Surnames

YocmtAmadore Jr born about 1929
YocmtAmodore Mborn about 1887
YocmtAnna Mborn about 1892
YocmtElsie Lborn about 1920

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