1940 U.S. Federal Census of Calf Creek, Cherry, Nebraska

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USA > Nebraska > Cherry County > 1940 Census of Calf Creek

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B Surnames

BlordeClyde Wborn about 1921
BoyerFred Rborn about 1940
BradleyAnnie Leeborn about 1894
BradleyBettie born about 1877
BradleyDale born about 1909
BradleyDarwin Lborn about 1926
BradleyOrvil Hborn about 1927
BradleyRoy born about 1904
BullingtonDonald Aborn about 1932
BullingtonEdward Cborn about 1900
BullingtonFeddon* Dborn about 1928
BullingtonMary Ollieborn about 1900
BullingtonSidney Earlborn about 1936

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C Surnames

CashEugene born about 1939
CashRichard Leeborn about 1936
CashRoley Hborn about 1902
CashVera Lborn about 1916
CookFred Eborn about 1898
CookLary Dborn about 1937
CookLenore Lborn about 1935
CookPhillip Fborn about 1939
CookSara Cborn about 1912
CoxEik born about 1880
CoxHenry Jborn about 1916
CoxM Luralborn about 1921
CoxMinnie born about 1883

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E Surnames

EllisonIren born about 1922
EraysJohn born about 1910
EraysViolet born about 1905
ErickeenErik Pborn about 1920
ErickeenFlorence Mborn about 1887
ErickeenPaul Oborn about 1918
ErickeenWilbert Eborn about 1916

F Surnames

FritzgarraldBeral born about 1910
FritzgarraldF?? born about 1913
FritzgarraldFreda Maeborn about 1938
FritzgarraldGaston Dborn about 1940

G Surnames

GibsonWilliam born about 1867
GrossBilly born about 1930
GrossCharley born about 1933
GrossRichard born about 1934
GrossWilliam Thelmaborn about 1907
GustonOscar born about 1885

H Surnames

HimBernice Aborn about 1907
HimIvan Eborn about 1904
HimJuanita Mborn about 1927

K Surnames

KaneyM Florenceborn about 1918
KaneyRoy Eborn about 1910
KingAlbert born about 1929

L Surnames

LukeMennie born about 1866

M Surnames

McNeckolsJenny born about 1879

P Surnames

PhippsDuglas born about 1930
PhippsElva Eborn about 1904
PhippsGraydon born about 1922
PhippsLeonard Rborn about 1927
PhippsRobert Leeborn about 1934
PhippsRural born about 1898
PrenticeAbie born about 1937
PrenticeBen Fborn about 1864
PrenticeChester born about 1938
PrenticeDoria Mborn about 1926
PrenticeFay Vborn about 1906
PrenticeIlla born about 1930
PrenticeJ Lenordborn about 1925
PrenticeJohn Cborn about 1900
PrenticeJone born about 1928
PrenticeLaura Aborn about 1871
PrenticeLeo born about 1936
PrenticeLeona born about 1936
PrenticeMildred Annborn about 1931
PrenticeMyra Eborn about 1931
PrenticePaul born about 1905
PrenticeRobert born about 1896
PrenticeRobert Aborn about 1937
PrenticeThomas Leroyborn about 1927
PrenticeVirginia Pborn about 1932
PrenticeWayne Eborn about 1924
PrentisElsie A Sborn about 1897
PrentisEvelyn Sborn about 1922

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R Surnames

ReverseBernice born about 1918
RoeschAdolph born about 1874
RoeschHenry born about 1876
RoeschPauline born about 1908
RoeschWilliam born about 1907
RoseburgAva Lborn about 1905
RoseburgJanny Leeborn about 1939
RoseburgW Grantborn about 1907

S Surnames

SimonsonStewart born about 1918
SproulRichard Gborn about 1901
SproulWilliam Mborn about 1897
SullivanAnn Vborn about 1896
SullivanDavid Bborn about 1889
SullivanDavid Cborn about 1929
SullivanDonald Pborn about 1932
SullivanElanor Fborn about 1922
SullivanJerry Eborn about 1933
SullivanLouis Fborn about 1927
SullivanMary Cborn about 1923
SullivanRobert born about 1930
SullivanRosalie Mborn about 1934
SullivanTheresa Aborn about 1933

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W Surnames

WilliamGrace born about 1901
WillisSarah Eborn about 1881
WillisStephen born about 1879

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