1940 U.S. Federal Census of Cleveland in Cherry County, Cherry, Nebraska

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USA > Nebraska > Cherry County > 1940 Census of Cleveland in Cherry County

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A Surnames

AyersDoris born about 1909
AyersDorthy Joborn about 1939
AyersGlen born about 1936
AyersJohn Hborn about 1934
AyersTed Jborn about 1907

B Surnames

BakerCole Daleborn about 1921
BakerGeneva Jborn about 1926
BakerMary Cborn about 1898
BakerRalph Aborn about 1897
BanksMrs Marjorie born about 1900
BettnettAlberta born about 1898
BettnettCharles Cborn about 1884
BettnettHelen born about 1922
BettnettJack born about 1934
BettnettJerry born about 1932
BettnettPauline born about 1924
BettnettRichard born about 1919
BoultinzhouseBetty Louborn about 1925
BoultinzhouseEdward Rborn about 1897
BoultinzhouseMarie born about 1901
BristolNellie born about 1921

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C Surnames

CammChester born about 1921
CarrJohn Sborn about 1877
CarrTom Hborn about 1875
CazusJay K Jrborn about 1922
ClappHenry Bborn about 1854

D Surnames

DanielsCarl Aborn about 1890
DanielsDonald Rborn about 1933
DanielsHelen born about 1893
DanielsHerberta born about 1917
DanielsJack Fborn about 1919
DanielsJohn Wborn about 1861
DanielsLizzie born about 1875
DanielsMinnie Eborn about 1865
DanielsRalph Fborn about 1930
DanielsRalph Rborn about 1905
DanielsRuth Cborn about 1905

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F Surnames

FurgesonMay born about 1907
FurgesonTed Tborn about 1907

G Surnames

GallieagrJoan born about 1922

H Surnames

HarmsBeverly Jborn about 1938
HarmsDonald Eborn about 1915
HarmsEvelyn Mborn about 1918
HarseLloyd Wborn about 1892
HarseSusan Sborn about 1893
Heth born about 1910
HethMerton Wborn about 1905
HobbsEdger born about 1876
HobbsEra born about 1881
HobbsHarvie born about 1869
HobbsWilliam Dborn about 1869
HudsonLull* Kborn about 1869
HudsonSamuel born about 1862
HughesAlta born about 1880
HughesJim born about 1900

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K Surnames

KarlWilliam Aborn about 1866
KoontsBob born about 1907

L Surnames

LordAlver born about 1921
LordAubrey born about 1922
LordBesie born about 1893
LordDoris born about 1925
LordMarcia born about 1898
LorejoyBill Hborn about 1932
LorejoyHall Cborn about 1912
LorejoyMildred born about 1914

M Surnames

McGalliardPerry born about 1917
MicheelLeonard born about 1922
MickelsonEthel born about 1907
MillerClerance born about 1907
MillerHelen born about 1918
MossmanHarry born about 1909
MossmanLa Velde born about 1919

P Surnames

PierceGeorge born about 1908

R Surnames

ReceeCharles Sborn about 1871
ReceeCharles S Iiiborn about 1935
ReceeCharles S Jrborn about 1909
ReceeLuella Mborn about 1912
ReceeRuth Mborn about 1936
RitenonrJack born about 1918
RyschonFrancis born about 1917

S Surnames

SaywerGeorge Kborn about 1879
SaywerMaude Mborn about 1885
SharpLouise born about 1914
SharpWard Mborn about 1904
SpragueKenneth born about 1916
StilwellBertha Aborn about 1881
StilwellClayton born about 1918
StilwellEvert born about 1902
StilwellKathleen born about 1923
StiwellElroyd born about 1907
StratonAlice Mborn about 1884
StratonWarrner born about 1880
StricklandMattie born about 1919
SummersJeffries born about 1907
SummersMartha born about 1915

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T Surnames

TuttleDouglas born about 1939
TuttleLeo born about 1918
TuttleLeonard born about 1913

V Surnames

VaughnAlvie born about 1938
VaughnClara born about 1872
VaughnErlean born about 1933
VaughnFranklin born about 1939
VaughnHazel born about 1916
VaughnNeolma born about 1935
VaughnVictor born about 1906
VaughnVirginia born about 1935
VaughnWoodrow born about 1934

W Surnames

WardLeo born about 1919

Y Surnames

YoungGeorgia born about 1921
YoungP H Jrborn about 1926
YoungPhylander Hborn about 1881
YoungStella Cborn about 1886

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