1940 U.S. Federal Census of Elsmere, Cherry, Nebraska

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USA > Nebraska > Cherry County > 1940 Census of Elsmere

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A Surnames

AtheyEthel Aborn about 1912
AtheyHelen Mborn about 1917
AtheyLee Gborn about 1915
AtheyPaul A Xcborn about 1906

B Surnames

BartholowDora Rborn about 1929
BartholowEthel Mborn about 1932
BartholowMaud Hborn about 1890
BartholowRichard Cborn about 1917
BartholowWilliam Tborn about 1886
BartholowWilma Rborn about 1926
BeltzHarry Rborn about 1899
BlowersDora Lborn about 1937
BlowersEunice Mborn about 1915
BlowersJohanna Lborn about 1935
BlowersLeo Wborn about 1908
BlowersMilton Lborn about 1939
BochAlice born about 1909
BochFreda Mborn about 1906
BochGeorge Oborn about 1939
BochHarry Eborn about 1907
BochShirley Mborn about 1938
BochVirgil Wborn about 1932
BochWilliam Fborn about 1906
BodyJohanna born about 1877
BodyThomas born about 1866
BowmanDonzel Bborn about 1933
BowmanHarry Fborn about 1900
BowmanHazel Mborn about 1899
BrownEdward born about 1880

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C Surnames

ChaseClayton born about 1928
ChaseEmma born about 1936
ChaseErma born about 1932
ChaseGerald born about 1934
ChaseHarold born about 1901
ChaseHitty Vborn about 1906
ChaseJanice Aborn about 1937
ChaseJohn born about 1928
ChaseKenneth born about 1930
ChaseRevia born about 1911
ChaseRex born about 1903
ChaseRobert born about 1938
ClarkClarence Wborn about 1893
ConeCarl Aborn about 1922
ConeCecil Oborn about 1901
ConeMary Hborn about 1908
ConeWanda Jborn about 1932

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D Surnames

DanielsBenjamin born about 1864
DanielsBeverly born about 1932
DanielsCharles Lborn about 1897
DanielsDuane born about 1930
DanielsEdsel born about 1927
DanielsElla Mborn about 1899
DanielsMargaret Aborn about 1864
DanielsNora born about 1925
DunawayAlbert born about 1880

F Surnames

FetherstongJames born about 1925
FetherstongJanis born about 1936
FetherstongJohn born about 1926
FetherstongMartin Jborn about 1898
FetherstongNancy born about 1909
FinkArnold Fborn about 1908
FinkArthur born about 1877
FinkBeverly Mborn about 1934
FinkChester Eborn about 1919
FinkFrances Mborn about 1908
FinkHoward Eborn about 1911
FinkHoward Wborn about 1935
FinkRichard Dborn about 1933
FinkWilma Gborn about 1912
FletcgerFrancis born about 1917

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G Surnames

GilesAstrid Eborn about 1899
GilesBonnie Bborn about 1933
GilesCarrie Fborn about 1873
GilesCharles born about 1898
GilesCharles Rborn about 1924
GilesEverett born about 1917
GilesGeorge Sborn about 1923
GilesIda born about 1917
GilesJoseph Lborn about 1927
GilesJunior Pborn about 1909
GilesKenneth born about 1939
GilesRichard born about 1868
GilesRuht Eborn about 1928
GilesYvonne born about 1939
GoodArnold born about 1914
GoodMatilda born about 1872
GoodnerEverett born about 1918
GoodnerWayne born about 1921

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H Surnames

HartgroveArchie born about 1919
HartgroveFred born about 1911
HartgroveLela born about 1879
HartgroveNorman born about 1867
HerbaughDanoiel Fborn about 1883
HerbaughEdith Fborn about 1887
HerbaughErnest born about 1920
HerbaughEthel born about 1928
HerbaughHelen born about 1925
HerbaughLawrence born about 1918
HeysAlva Tborn about 1938
HeysBonnie Aborn about 1926
HeysKeith Dborn about 1929
HeysLarry Rborn about 1898
HeysRuby Rborn about 1901
HoffmanMartha born about 1891
HoffmanPaul Fborn about 1881

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J Surnames

JohnstonLeland born about 1926

K Surnames

KillionEdna born about 1917
KillionOrman born about 1913
KillionRaymon born about 1939

M Surnames

McGuireAlice Aborn about 1911
MilesHarry born about 1880
MillesonDana Rborn about 1923
MillesonFrank born about 1931
MillesonFrank Bborn about 1904
MillesonLola born about 1904
MizznerMarion born about 1914

N Surnames

NeubaverAdah Dborn about 1925
NeubaverByrl Bborn about 1918
NeubaverDoris Oborn about 1921
NeubaverLouis Fborn about 1881
NeubaverLouisa Dborn about 1886
NeubaverSheila Eborn about 1923

P Surnames

PostRod born about 1916
PostRuth born about 1920

S Surnames

SchroderAlice Lborn about 1930
SchroderDonald Dborn about 1931
SchroderHerman born about 1898
SchroderHulda born about 1900
SeymoerDonald born about 1937
SeymoerNedra born about 1919
SeymoerRonald born about 1937
StavAnton born about 1868

W Surnames

WheelerOlive born about 1923
WysongEmmace Lborn about 1869
WysongEugene Lborn about 1939
WysongJohn Rborn about 1868
WysongJohn Zborn about 1906
WysongMildred Dborn about 1918
WysongWillaim Jborn about 1938

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