1940 U.S. Federal Census of Enlow, Cherry, Nebraska

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USA > Nebraska > Cherry County > 1940 Census of Enlow

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B Surnames

BakerA Royborn about 1912
BaylissEdward born about 1920
BoyerGordon Wborn about 1917
BumpRichard born about 1916
BurrVergil Jborn about 1918

C Surnames

ColeAnna Cborn about 1895
ColeRamond Wborn about 1892
ColeRobert Hborn about 1922
ConnerAvis born about 1920
ConnerMartin born about 1918
ConnerOrville Wborn about 1914
CorbettKenneth Jborn about 1917

D Surnames

DowningAvis Lborn about 1914
DowningGeorge Hborn about 1901
DowningHarry Vborn about 1868
DowningHoward Vborn about 1922
DowningJames Hborn about 1914
DowningPearl Lborn about 1902

F Surnames

FairDaisey Iborn about 1937
FairHarry Sborn about 1897
FairJack Eborn about 1932
FairLila Fborn about 1894
FairLoline Eborn about 1930
FairNed Eborn about 1934

G Surnames

GarlinR Ellisborn about 1918
GorsuchW Floydborn about 1905
GorsuchWillaim born about 1876

H Surnames

HunterAnn Bborn about 1939
HunterOscar Oborn about 1902
HunterVirginia born about 1910

J Surnames

JensenPaul Eborn about 1909
JohnsonRobert Lborn about 1913
JwynnJames Fborn about 1922

K Surnames

KingLeola Mborn about 1919
KinnieGlenn Lborn about 1921
KinnieMarie Jborn about 1912
KnightAmos Eborn about 1871
KnightBen Eborn about 1906
KnightBlanch Tborn about 1916
KnudsenBessie Lborn about 1895
KnudsenCalvin Cborn about 1929
KnudsenCaroline Eborn about 1934
KnudsenCollen Jborn about 1930
KnudsenEugene Jborn about 1887
KnudsenReta Jborn about 1926

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L Surnames

LeachCecil Jborn about 1893
LeachOlga Aborn about 1893
LichingVern Eborn about 1915

M Surnames

MacumberLoyne Bborn about 1920
MalonEdna Mborn about 1918
MarshallCleo Mborn about 1912
MarshallDean Dborn about 1934
MarshallDonald Fborn about 1931
MarshallFloyd Jborn about 1908
MarshallWanda Cborn about 1936
MillsOtis Lborn about 1917
MitzzerAnn Jborn about 1939
MitzzerFerancig Mborn about 1913
MitzzerW Woodrowborn about 1913
MoreIda Mborn about 1884
MoreLe Roy Mborn about 1882

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O Surnames

OsterEdith Gborn about 1907
OsterJohn born about 1906
OsterJohn Cborn about 1937

P Surnames

PelicanJohn born about 1874
PerrettFrancis Wborn about 1899
PerrettLojuise Iborn about 1923
PerrettMiriam born about 1926
PerrettNeal Eborn about 1932
PerrettRoyce Wborn about 1924
PerrettWalter Wborn about 1894

R Surnames

RectorEarnest Eborn about 1911
RectorGarry Eborn about 1936
RectorIna Rborn about 1925
ReigleFern born about 1909
RowleGannie Eborn about 1883
RowleWeldon Aborn about 1912

S Surnames

SawlteCharles Jborn about 1928
SawlteFlorence Eborn about 1897
SawlteWinifred Q Aborn about 1885
SawlteZane Lborn about 1923
SowdersDorthy Mborn about 1918
SowdersRonald Eborn about 1939
SowdersWayne Aborn about 1912
SweeneyAgatha Cborn about 1887
SweeneyBernard Rborn about 1920
SweeneyJoe Bborn about 1873
SweeneyMary Jborn about 1918

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T Surnames

TaylorFloyd Aborn about 1917
ThompsonJohn Hborn about 1917
ThompsonTed Tborn about 1906

V Surnames

VannattaAlice Wborn about 1909
VannattaOwen Gborn about 1909

W Surnames

Waddill??? Wborn about 1890
WoodrumDonald Aborn about 1918
WrightHoward Lborn about 1929
WrightStanley Gborn about 1932

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