1940 U.S. Federal Census of Gillespie, Cherry, Nebraska

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USA > Nebraska > Cherry County > 1940 Census of Gillespie

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A Surnames

AdomsCorrey Gborn about 1885
AdomsJoe Aborn about 1886
AndrewsBethel Jborn about 1935
AndrewsEva Aborn about 1903
AndrewsHarley Rborn about 1930
AndrewsJoe Gborn about 1899
AndrewsJunior Rborn about 1929

B Surnames

BackmanHerman born about 1910
BarnerCaroline D Lborn about 1895
BarnerEllen Roseborn about 1924
BarnerElmer Cborn about 1887
BarnerOrland Wborn about 1922
BarnerRex Dborn about 1932
ByreOscar born about 1903

C Surnames

ChildresMary Eborn about 1917
ChildresMay Francesborn about 1937
ChildresRobert born about 1914
ChildresRobert Leeborn about 1939
ClarkeFrederick Hborn about 1917
ClarkeJulius Sborn about 1911

E Surnames

EllieRoick Cborn about 1891

G Surnames

GillilordRalph Eborn about 1911

H Surnames

HardinLyle born about 1912
HoffmanBessie Mborn about 1909
HoffmanHick Eborn about 1929
HoffmanHomer Nborn about 1901
HoffmanJoan Murielborn about 1934
HoffmanLona Fayborn about 1932
HoffmanMary Louborn about 1936

J Surnames

JohnstonAce born about 1887
JsardenJ Cborn about 1887

K Surnames

KellerHarvey Wborn about 1907
KimeAllen Gborn about 1900
KimeGrace C Kborn about 1895
KimeLyle Hborn about 1917
KimeMelva Iborn about 1920
KnappCarole born about 1932
KnappMable born about 1897
KnifeAlonzo born about 1882
KrouchHarry Hborn about 1900

L Surnames

LarsonLarry Vborn about 1901
LinningLeo born about 1903
LuxKenneth born about 1916

M Surnames

MallGeorge born about 1889
MalmferCharles Mborn about 1929
MalmferDonald Wborn about 1930
MalmferEmil Rborn about 1902
MalmferVera Sborn about 1907
McMurtreyDaniel Richardborn about 1932
McMurtreyJohn Eugeneborn about 1926
McMurtreyJohn Gborn about 1892
McMurtreyLucy Leeborn about 1890
McMurtreyNorma Leeborn about 1925
McMurtryAlfred Wborn about 1887
McMurtryErba born about 1891
McMurtryGeorge Bborn about 1920
McMurtryMary Aliceborn about 1923
McMurtryMuriel born about 1902
MiddavahClifford Lborn about 1902
MiddavahElsie Joneborn about 1932
MiddavahLeona Nborn about 1905
MiddavahTed Amosborn about 1936
MiddavahWanda Eborn about 1924

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P Surnames

PearsonNeli Edwardborn about 1928
PearsonRosa Bborn about 1887
PhillipsFrank Jborn about 1893
PhillipsMillie Fborn about 1893

S Surnames

SmithAllen Earlborn about 1922
SmithEarl Mborn about 1890
SmithKatherine Gborn about 1892
StonerCharles Eborn about 1864
StonerHarold Lborn about 1936
StonerMary Aborn about 1899
StonerRollie Eborn about 1897

T Surnames

TaylorFloyd born about 1900
TaylorMaud Lborn about 1893
ThompsonKenneth Mborn about 1939
ThompsonMildred Eborn about 1920
ThompsonMilton Lborn about 1919
ToombsKenneth Rborn about 1915

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