1940 U.S. Federal Census of Hawanee, Cherry, Nebraska

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USA > Nebraska > Cherry County > 1940 Census of Hawanee

A Surnames B Surnames C Surnames E Surnames F Surnames G Surnames J Surnames K Surnames L Surnames M Surnames N Surnames O Surnames P Surnames S Surnames T Surnames W Surnames

A Surnames

AndrewsBuehl born about 1916
AndrewsCarrie born about 1889
AndrewsErvin born about 1918
AndrewsWilber born about 1885
AuhlCharles Fborn about 1878
AuhlCharles Hborn about 1908
AuhlKatie born about 1883
AuhlMildred born about 1913
AuhlMildred Lborn about 1916
AuhlRoyce born about 1916
AuhlShirley born about 1938

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B Surnames

BeckerBlanche born about 1924
BeckerCecila born about 1898
BeckerHenry Gborn about 1891
BeckerMarie born about 1915
BowdenCharlie born about 1907
BowdenEarnest born about 1865
BowdenIda Mborn about 1871
BristolCatherine born about 1910
BristolDavid Aborn about 1889
BristolEverett born about 1914
BristolGlen born about 1901
BristolJoan born about 1931
BristolLouise born about 1923
BristolMelvin born about 1927
BristolNellie born about 1892

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C Surnames

CherryBetty Jborn about 1929
CherryD Adelaideborn about 1896
CherryJ Orvalborn about 1892
CherryRichard Cborn about 1924
CherryWilliam Oborn about 1920
ConnotBertha born about 1898
ConnotJoe Jborn about 1895

E Surnames

EpkeGoldie born about 1893
EpkeIrene born about 1925
EpkeWilliam Jborn about 1890

F Surnames

FosterAnna Marieborn about 1924
FosterArvella born about 1936
FosterBeatrice born about 1914
FosterBertha Roseborn about 1928
FosterCharles born about 1938
FosterClara Mborn about 1896
FosterDarlene born about 1935
FosterElsie born about 1925
FosterFloyd born about 1909
FosterHenry born about 1920
FosterHugh born about 1929
FosterJanice born about 1939
FosterJohn born about 1921
FosterLaura born about 1881
FosterRuth born about 1931
FosterS Georgeborn about 1876
FosterWalter Eborn about 1893
FosterWilliard born about 1917

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G Surnames

GalligherElmo born about 1919
GroomsAnna born about 1887
GroomsE ??? Jborn about 1890
GroomsGeorge born about 1918
GroomsJohnnie born about 1919
GroomsZeta Marieborn about 1922

J Surnames

JellyMary born about 1884
JellyThomas Wborn about 1879

K Surnames

KellarBertha Jeanborn about 1939
KellarGeneva born about 1932
KellarHerman born about 1918
KellarJoe born about 1921
KellarJohn born about 1937
KellarLeo born about 1924
KellarLouis born about 1929
KellarMina born about 1934
KellarPaul born about 1926

L Surnames

LawA Jborn about 1878

M Surnames

MarksArdith born about 1932
MarksBetty Jeanborn about 1927
MarksMarian born about 1930
McAlevySamuel born about 1880
McAlevyThomas Wborn about 1918
MurrayPete born about 1910

N Surnames

NollettAdolph Cborn about 1908
NollettElizabeth born about 1908
NollettLovella born about 1934

O Surnames

OrmesherJohn born about 1872

P Surnames

PolenAlbert Morrisborn about 1940
PolenHarriet Annborn about 1937
PolenNaomi born about 1917
PolenWalter Hborn about 1911
PolenWater Harry Jrborn about 1939

S Surnames

SchroederBobby Donborn about 1931
SchroederDarlene Francisborn about 1933
SchroederMartina Lborn about 1913
SchroederNorma Jeanborn about 1930
SchroederRobert Dborn about 1911
ShelbournAlmira born about 1934
ShelbournArnold born about 1917
ShelbournDean born about 1929
ShelbournDewey born about 1899
ShelbournEarl born about 1916
ShelbournEdith born about 1927
ShelbournElsie born about 1927
ShelbournFlora born about 1922
ShelbournHycainth* born about 1900
ShelbournImogene born about 1925
ShelbournJohn Sr born about 1861
ShelbournLavina Jeanborn about 1933
ShelbournMabel born about 1892
ShelbournRuth born about 1923
ShelbournWalter born about 1891
SimmonsArthur Jborn about 1884
SimmonsClarence born about 1920
SimmonsDonald born about 1920
SimmonsEsther born about 1924
SimmonsHarold born about 1923
SimmonsJohn Wborn about 1892
SimmonsJosephine Vborn about 1893
SimmonsKenneth born about 1917
SimmonsLois born about 1930
SimmonsNadine born about 1935
SimmonsStella born about 1891
SimmonsVerla born about 1923
SimmonsVirginia born about 1932
SmithClifford Hborn about 1891
SmithLeroy born about 1936
SmithMae born about 1906
SmithMary Belleborn about 1940
SwansonCarolyn born about 1939
SwansonJenus* Vborn about 1907
SwansonTheresa born about 1913

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T Surnames

ToddBetty Cborn about 1878
ToddJames Cborn about 1881

W Surnames

WantzErven Oborn about 1888
WantzErven Jr born about 1935
WantzFrancis born about 1932
WantzJanice born about 1937
WantzMildred born about 1907
WantzWanda Louborn about 1939
WintersEdgar born about 1919

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