1940 U.S. Federal Census of Stanton in Cherry County, Cherry, Nebraska

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USA > Nebraska > Cherry County > 1940 Census of Stanton in Cherry County

B Surnames C Surnames F Surnames G Surnames H Surnames I Surnames L Surnames M Surnames N Surnames O Surnames P Surnames R Surnames S Surnames W Surnames

B Surnames

BaileyHallie born about 1906
BaileyLeonard Cborn about 1926
BaileyWilliam born about 1885
BogerBurlyn Sborn about 1915
BogerCharles Nborn about 1884
BogerCora Aborn about 1890
BogerIvan Oborn about 1930
BogerOna Oborn about 1919
BogerOtto Rborn about 1906
BoyerClarice Eborn about 1930
BoyerEarl Cborn about 1905
BoyerEva Mborn about 1923
BoyerFrank Wborn about 1933
BoyerGene Lborn about 1920
BoyerKeith Wborn about 1936
BoyerLeonard Eborn about 1939
BoyerVerna Lborn about 1895
BoyerWayne Dborn about 1925
BoyerWiddeox Eborn about 1894
BuletJames Lborn about 1896

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C Surnames

CottEdith Mborn about 1939
CottJanet Aborn about 1899
CottJessie Eborn about 1935
CottJohn Sborn about 1897
CottMary Aborn about 1928
CottMaxine Jborn about 1919
CottThelma Cborn about 1913
CottThomas Wborn about 1936

F Surnames

FaylorFrank Oborn about 1896
FaylorJack Eborn about 1931
FaylorJane Eborn about 1928
FaylorPearl Mborn about 1903

G Surnames

GambillJames Mborn about 1881

H Surnames

HickmanJoe Mborn about 1916

I Surnames

IsomLo??? Bborn about 1876

L Surnames

LongCharley Dborn about 1939
LongFloyd Cborn about 1902
LongGerald Fborn about 1935
LongMarguarite Eborn about 1909
LongVerla Aborn about 1938

M Surnames

MarshallCarrie Mborn about 1915
MarshallDavis Gborn about 1938
MarshallGordon Wborn about 1940
MarshallWayne Cborn about 1916
MatherRoulyn born about 1923
MorrisonDora born about 1876
MorrisonPeter born about 1870

N Surnames

NenonLaura Vborn about 1875
NenonPaul Gborn about 1865

O Surnames

OsbornRush Fborn about 1866
OsbornVirginia Iborn about 1872

P Surnames

PersonOscar Mborn about 1893
PotthoffClarence born about 1924

R Surnames

RiceDonald Sborn about 1939
RiceFillie Gborn about 1915
RiceSidney Mborn about 1918
RobinsonDonald Lborn about 1930
RobinsonRalph Rborn about 1901
RobinsonSylva Hborn about 1900

S Surnames

SimonsonAllenzo Bborn about 1916
SimonsonHelen Lborn about 1888
SimonsonLucille Aborn about 1927
SimonsonSimon Fborn about 1886
SimonsonWill Eborn about 1917
SlottLe Roy Dborn about 1928
SlottLeonard Uborn about 1908
SlottLula Mborn about 1890
SlottLyle Wborn about 1918
SlottRobert Mborn about 1921
SweetDale Mborn about 1906
SweetFrank born about 1875
SweetKatie Bborn about 1879
SwendensonClarence Eborn about 1895
SwendensonRay Wborn about 1918
SwendensonZora Aborn about 1898

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W Surnames

WaxderGlena born about 1917

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