1940 U.S. Federal Census of Wells in Cherry County, Cherry, Nebraska

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USA > Nebraska > Cherry County > 1940 Census of Wells in Cherry County

A Surnames B Surnames C Surnames D Surnames K Surnames L Surnames M Surnames R Surnames S Surnames Y Surnames

A Surnames

AndrewsAnna Hborn about 1875
AndrewsAudree Gborn about 1935
AndrewsBirdeen Cborn about 1903
AndrewsDouglas Gborn about 1937
AndrewsFoster Jborn about 1910
AndrewsFred Eborn about 1895
AndrewsJohn Pborn about 1876
AndrewsRay Eborn about 1934
AndrewsRussell Nborn about 1913

B Surnames

BarkerChristine Cborn about 1918
BarkerJamesjames Rborn about 1937
BarkerMerrie Rborn about 1911
BoyerCollina Mborn about 1927
BoyerJoe born about 1885
BoyerKenneth born about 1920
BoyerVerda born about 1888

C Surnames

CarrierGlen Lborn about 1928
CarrierLois Mborn about 1926

D Surnames

DensonRichard born about 1915

K Surnames

KidderDorthy Mborn about 1923

L Surnames

LongBooker Eborn about 1891
LongDorothy born about 1895
LongGlen Jborn about 1881
LongHoward Aborn about 1921
LongJoan born about 1923

M Surnames

MarshCarlie Eborn about 1924
MarshDaniel Eborn about 1895
MarshGeorge Eborn about 1929
MarshIvo Aborn about 1906
MarshJames Aborn about 1926
McKinneyStanley born about 1917
MurphyFrank Jborn about 1874

R Surnames

RothEdward Hborn about 1881
RothRollin Gborn about 1873
RothWinnie born about 1885

S Surnames

SharsVern born about 1909
SuttonClyde Mborn about 1910

Y Surnames

YaryanAnna Mborn about 1911
YaryanEarl Aborn about 1902
YaryanJudy Galeborn about 1939

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