1940 U.S. Federal Census of Wilson in Cherry County, Cherry, Nebraska

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USA > Nebraska > Cherry County > 1940 Census of Wilson in Cherry County

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B Surnames

BissellGene Eborn about 1922

C Surnames

ClaybaughAgnes Lborn about 1890
ClaybaughClara Eborn about 1921
ClaybaughClarence Jborn about 1882
ClaybaughJames Aborn about 1876
CurlClayton Eborn about 1938
CurlHelen Eborn about 1916
CurlJames Vborn about 1939

D Surnames

DanielsBilly Jborn about 1938
DanielsLucy Iborn about 1882
DanielsMarie Aborn about 1914
DanielsRobert Fborn about 1905
DanielsRobert Lborn about 1940
DanielsRobert Sborn about 1878
DowningGlen Lborn about 1913

E Surnames

EddmenAnna Mborn about 1916
EddmenCharles Mborn about 1914
EddmenLetha Mborn about 1938
EdelmanShirley Aborn about 1939

G Surnames

GarnettIvan Lborn about 1929
GarnettMay Lborn about 1912
GarnettOrville Hborn about 1908
GarnettRobert Dborn about 1930

H Surnames

HamiltonLucy born about 1873
HamiltonThomas Pborn about 1862
HandbyColumbia Tborn about 1892
HaupLeonard born about 1912
HigginsGeorge Bborn about 1901
HigginsRobert Nborn about 1912

P Surnames

PatingerByron Fborn about 1934
PatingerNorma Lborn about 1906
PatingerRalph Hborn about 1939
PatingerRalph Jborn about 1908
PatingerRaymond Jborn about 1931
PearmanDonald Kborn about 1924
PearmanJames Fborn about 1917
PearmanNorma Mborn about 1926
PearmanPerry Sborn about 1922
PearmanRobert Wborn about 1931
PearmanRuth Gborn about 1888
PearmanWilliam Fborn about 1889

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T Surnames

TrestCharles Iborn about 1860
TrestElmer Rborn about 1910
TrestEthel Gborn about 1917
TrestHarold Jborn about 1908
TrestInes Mborn about 1890

W Surnames

WhiteThomas Gborn about 1909

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