Adams Genealogy (in Jefferson County, NY)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Adams Cemetery Records

Adams Rural Cemetery Billion Graves

Adams Rural Cemetery Find a Grave

Elmwood Cemetery Find a Grave

Paul's Corner Find a Grave

Penny family gravestone inscriptions in Rural Cemetery, Adams, Jefferson Co., N.Y Family History Library

Thompson Cemetery Find a Grave

Various Cemeteries in Adams US Gen Web

Adams Church Records

Church records, 1800-1900 (First Presbyterian Church (Adams, New York)) Family History Library

Church records, 1892-1915 (Catholic Church. St. Andrew's (Sackets Harbor, New York)) Family History Library

Adams Histories and Genealogies

History of Adams, New York Ray's Place

Adams Military Records

Town of Adams Civil War Enlistments US Gen Web

Troops furnished by the town of Adams, New York : for service during the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865 Family History Library

Adams Newspapers and Obituaries

Adams Herald. Adams, Jefferson County : 1876-1877 New York State Library

Adams New York Herald - 1876 - 1877 Fulton History

Adams Visitor. (Adams, N.Y.) 1865-1869 New York State Library

Censor. (Adams, Jefferson Co., N.Y.) 1828-1829 Multiple Archives

Jefferson County Democrat. (Adams, N.Y.) 1844-1855 Multiple Archives

Jefferson County Journal (Adams, N.Y.) Adams, Jefferson County : 1870-1980 New York State Library

Jefferson County Journal. (Adams, Jefferson County, N.Y.) 1870-Current Multiple Archives

Jefferson County News (Adams, N.Y.) Adams, Jefferson County : 1855-1865 New York State Library

Jefferson County News. (Adams, N.Y.) 1855-1865 Multiple Archives

Northern Temperance Journal. Adams, Jefferson County : 1869-1870 New York State Library

South Jeff Journal 08/27/2014 to 06/06/2019 Genealogy Bank

The Adams Visitor. Adams, Jefferson County : 1865-1869 New York State Library

Adams School Records

Adams Center High School Annual Yearbook 1922 (Adams Center) E Yearbooks

Adams High School Hilltop Yearbook 1933 (Adams) E Yearbooks