Catlin Genealogy (in Chemung County, NY)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Catlin Cemetery Records

Johnson Hollow Cemetery Find a Grave

Johnson's Hollow (Maple Grove) Cemetery Joyce Tice

Johnson's Hollow/ Maple Grove Cemetery DAR (1930s) Joyce Tice

Martin's Hill Cemetery, South School Cemetery Joyce Tice

Matthew's Cemetery, Youman's Cemetery Joyce Tice

Pine Valley Cemetery (Partial) 1930s Joyce Tice

Pine Valley Cemetery 1999/2003 Joyce Tice

Post Creek Cemetery Joyce Tice

Quigley Cemetery Find a Grave

Quigley Cemetery Joyce Tice

Savory Cemetery Joyce Tice

South School Cemetery Find a Grave

Tompkins Corners Cemetery Joyce Tice

Wilday (Widley) Cemetery Joyce Tice

Wildey Cemetery Find a Grave

Catlin Census Records

Town of Catlin Census 1830 Joyce Tice

Town of Catlin Census 1860 Joyce Tice

Town of Catlin Census 1880 Joyce Tice

Town of Catlin Veterans Census 1890 Joyce Tice

Catlin Histories and Genealogies

Facts about Catlin History Joyce Tice

History of Catlin from Four County History Joyce Tice

Town of Catlin History Joyce Tice

Catlin School Records

Johnson Hollow School District No. 9 1931-1932 Joyce Tice