Marathon Genealogy (in Cortland County, NY)

USA (944,313) > New York (53,515) > Cortland County (551) > Marathon (21)

Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Marathon Cemetery Records

Cortland County records: McGraw village cemetery, town of Cortlandville Family History Library

Gerard Cemetery Find a Grave

Sherwood Cemetery Find a Grave

Marathon Census Records

Census Index of Marathon 1840 US Gen Web

Census Index of Marathon 1850 US Gen Web

Census Index of Marathon 1860 US Gen Web

Census for Cortland County (Freetown, Marathon, Solon, and Truxton) 1830 US Gen Web

Marathon Church Records

Records of the First Baptist Society of Marathon, N.Y., 1831-1898 Family History Library

Marathon Histories and Genealogies

History of Marathon, New York Ray's Place

Looking through the years ... with pride : Marathon bicentennial, Marathon, New York, May 14 and 15, 1976 Family History Library

Marathon Newspapers and Obituaries

7 Valley Villager. (Marathon, N.Y.) 1961-1971 Multiple Archives

Independent Villager. (Marathon, N.Y.) 1971-1987 Multiple Archives

Marathon Independent. (Marathon, N.Y.) 1870-1990 Multiple Archives

Marathon Mirror. (Marathon, N.Y.) 1863-1866 Multiple Archives

Marathon NY Independent 1870-1888 Fulton History

Marathon Weekly News. (Marathon, N.Y.) 1868-1869 Cortland County Historical Society

The 7 Valley Villager. Marathon, Cortland County : 1961-1971 New York State Library

The Marathon Independent. Marathon, Cortland County : 1870-1990 New York State Library

Villager. (Marathon, N.Y.) 1987-Current Multiple Archives

Marathon School Records

Marathon Central High School Marathonian Yearbook 1938 (Marathon) E Yearbooks

Marathon Central High School Marathonian Yearbook 1953 (Marathon) E Yearbooks