Marriages by Rev. Hay Hermance at Reformed Dutch Church of North Hempstead, 1826-1859

Copied by Josephine C. Frost, Brooklyn, N.Y., 1913

Transcription courtesy of, transcribed by Jane Devlin. Used with permission.

USA > New York > Nassau County > Marriages by Rev. Hay Hermance at Reformed Dutch Church of North Hempstead, 1826-1859

  • 24 May, David COSS and Juliana ALLEN (found among the 1831 records)
  • 2 Dec, Chas. COSS and Patience PETERS
  • 21 Feb, John ANDREW and Percy JACKSON
  • 4 Apr, Wm. SKIDMORE and Martha S. BURTIS
  • 13 Apr. Abm. DITMIS and Cathy ONDERDONK
  • 30 Jan, Martin SCHENCK and Jane ONDERDONK
  • 12 Apr, Calvin BROOKS and Maria JERVIS
  • 24 May, Saml. CORNELL and Catharine RULAND
  • 28 Nov, Henry ONDERDONK, Jr., and Maria H. ONDERDONK
  • 8 Jan, James McFARLAN of Troy and Jane W. ANDERSON of Brooklyn
  • 17 Jul, Thos. DODGE and Alettie BRINKERHOFF
  • 8 Aug, Andrew APPLEBY and Jane HICKS (found among the 1831 records)
  • 24 Oct, Rich. SEAMAN and Mrs. Eliza BROWN
  • 8 Nov, Saml. WACKERELL and Mrs. Phebe SNEDAKER
  • 26 Dec, Nicholas ACKER and Loretta VANDEVERG
  • 27 Dec, Jos. ATKINS and Catharine RITCHIE
  • 27 Dec, Abm. HUTCHINGS and Elizabeth ROGERS
  • 23 Jan, Horatio G. ONDERDONK, farmer, and Elizabeth S. ONDERDONK, both of Cow Neck
  • 10 Mar, Warren MITCHELL, farmer, and Cath. ONDERDONK
  • 24 Apr, Sidney MOTT, paper maker, and Phebe HUTCHINS, tailoress
  • 29 May, Capt. John MOTT, boatman, and Henrietta WOOD, spinster, both of Hempstead Harbor
  • 27 Nov, Jacob SEAMAN, shoemaker, and Elizabeth JARVIS of Hempstead Harbor
  • 5 Dec, Ferris HORTON and Jane CHAPPLE
  • 8 Jan, Jos. Fox BURTIS, woolen draper of Brooklyn, and Mary Ann BOGART of Hempstead Harbor
  • 3 Jul, Danl. D. FRANCIS and Betsey LEWIS
  • 26 Jul, Robt. WHALEY, shoemaker, and Ruhana DEVOE of North Hempstead
  • 28 Aug, Benj. LEAKE, blacksmith, and Martha DEVOE of North Hempstead
  • 13 Dec, Singleton MITCHELL, Esq., and Mrs. Sarah HEWLETT
  • 17 Jan, John CORNELL, farmer, North Hempstead, and Eliz. DURYEA of Flushing
  • 11 Apr, Danl. T. SCHEN__, merchant, Brookly, and Susan BOGART
  • 17 Jan, Gos. LEAKE, carpenter of Babylon, and Phebe OAKLEY of North Hempstead
  • 31 Jan, John West and Amelia VERITY of Great Neck
  • -- ---, Walter VERITY and Amy HULSE of Great Neck
  • 11 Mar, Milton SMITH, shoemaker, and Jane WATTS of North Hempstead
  • 11 Apr, William COLES, tanner, and Ann VALENTINE of North Hempstead
  • 13 Apr, Tredwell LEWIS, farmer, and Phebe FROST of North Hempstead
  • 13 May, Jas. FROST, wheelwright, and Nancy FRANCIS of New York
  • 9 Jul, Dan'l SEAMAN, papermaker, and Harriet CARTER of Cow Neck
  • 26 Jul, Pierce P. WRIGHT, farmer, and Mary V. DEWATER, of North Hempstead
  • 19 Oct, Caleb COSS and Margt. HEGEMAN
  • 22 Oct, John Henry TREDWELL, farmer, and Martha Burtis DODGE of Cow Neck
  • 13 Nov, Timothy JACKSON, farmer of Hempstead Harbor and Ethelina WILLIS of Cow Neck
  • 20 Jan, Nicholas BENNET, farmer, and Jane BRINKERHOFF of North Hempstead
  • 21 Jul, Benj. HAYS and Maria DAVIS of North Hempstead
  • 22 Apr, Henry S. LEE of New York and Amy BROOKS of Cow Neck
  • 24 Feb, Sylvester TREDWELL and Mary Ann TOWNSEND (col'd)
  • 29 Apr. Chatterton CULVER of New York and Cath. C. LAYTON of Hempstead Harbor
  • 29 Sep, Willis DEMPSEY and Sarah SANES (col'd)
  • 11 Nov, Thos. JARDINE of Scotland and Jennet FROOD of Scotland
  • 30 Jan, Warren A. GRIFFIN of New York and Sarah M. COIT of New York
  • 20 Mar, Elbert ARTHUR of North Hempstead and Cath. S. ALLEN of North Hempstead
  • 11 Dec, Benj. W. ALLEN of Great Neck and Mary W. BURTIS of Cow Neck
  • 31 Dec, Henry ONDERDONK of Great Neck and Mary L. WEBB of Great Neck
  • 9 Apr, Tim. T. BOERUM of Flushing and Susan DURYEA of Cow Neck
  • 21 Nov, Adam LAWRENCE of Cow Neck and Lavinie MONTGOMERY of Cow Neck (col'd)
  • 15 Jan, Chas. GERMAN of Little Neck and Martha B. PINKNEY of L.N.
  • 4 Jul, Wm. JOHNSON of Jamaica and Amelia NOSTRAND of Flushing
  • 4 Jul, Jonas B. CHAMBERLAIN of Connecticut and Maria MERRIT of Cow Neck
  • 5 Sep, John FRANKLIN of Hempstead Harbor and Harriet TOPPING of Hempstead Harbor
  • 6 Oct, Thos. DINNIS of England and Susanna Eliza THOMPSON of England
  • 9 Dec, Sol. KING of New York and Miss Eliza MANANAR of Hempstead Harbor
  • 5 Jan, Danl. SCHENK, Great Neck and Elizabeth REMSEN, Cow Neck
  • 10 Feb, Abm. REMSEN, Cow Neck, and Eliza BENNET, Great Neck
  • 22 Nov, Job DEACON and Eliz. BENNEM, at Parsonage
  • 30 Nov, Richard CORNELL and Elenor V. NOSTRAND
  • 30 Nov, Wm. S. BENNEM and Henrietta WOOLEY
  • 14 Apr, Henry A. COFFIN, Manhasset Valley, and Phebe WATTS of Manhasset Valley
  • 6 May, Oliver R. WILLIS, New Jersey, and Amlia WALTERS
  • 22 May, Henry O. DODGE, C.N. and Julia OAKLEY of Sands Point
  • 23 Feb, Oliver CONKLIN and Cornelia COVERT, both of Hempstead
  • 19 Apr, Henry REMSEN, Great Neck, and Phebe PINKNY of Mahasset
  • 25 Sep, Danl. BOGART and Jane R. HEGAMAN
  • 8 Oct, Jas. M. MOORE and Cornelia ONDERDONK, both of Mant. Neck
  • 3 Dec, John HEGEMAN and Eliza M. BURTIS of M. Neck
  • 6 Jun, Henry AMBERMAN and Mary Eliza COLES (col'd) *
  • 12 Oct, Wm. ARMSTRONG and Emeline SPADER, both of Great Neck
  • 8 Feb, Richad ALLEN and Olive, daugter of Calvin BROOKS
  • 30 Dec, Adrian V. NOSTRAND and Susan Jane ALLEN
  • 15 Feb, Warren WILLIAMS and Elsie ALLEN
  • 2 Mar, Isaac JONES and Hannah E. MASTIN
  • 3 Apr, Chas. D. MATTHEWS and Rebecca THOMPSON
  • 24 Jun, Chas. TOWNSEND and Eliz. HICKS (col'd)
  • 11 Jul, Henry P. McGOWN and Martha SEAMAN
  • 5 Aug, John YOUNG and Margt. RILEY
  • 13 Aug, Townsend BROOKS and Hannah M. PETERSON (col'd)
  • 19 Aug, Josiah VALENTINE and Sarah SMITH, (col'd)
  • 25 Aug, Hamon RATOU and Eliza CORNWELL (col'd)
  • 23 Aug, Jas. A. UNDERHILL and Catharine HEGEMAN
  • 6 Feb, Jas. A. UNDERHILL and Catharine HEGEMAN
  • 11 Feb. St. H. WUE and Ruth F. COFFIN
  • 1 Mar, Robert R. MOTT and Ann Louisa WEEKS
  • 26 Apr, John HICKS and Mary E. HAVILAND
  • 14 Sep, George G. HEWLETT and Eliza Ann DURYEA
  • 29 Sep, Wm. Henry WILLIAMS and Mary A. McDERMOTT
  • 31 Oct, Wm. REMSEN and Maria DODGE
  • 4 Dec, Thos. McKEE and Cinthia ALLEN
  • 8 Jan, Thos. McMASTERS and Rosan HANNAH
  • 11 Mar, John CLOSE and Mary E. RAPELYE
  • 2 Jun, Robt. I BOGART and Mary E. CEBRA
  • 4 Jul, Thos. STUBBS and Martha M. BEDELL
  • 25 Sep, Timothy S. HEGEMAN and Phebe M. WILLIS
  • 3 Nov, John H. ALLEN and Julia A. BAXTER
  • 3 Nov, Henry WILLIS and Mary E. RAPELYE (col'd)
  • 18 Nov, Edmund TOWNSEND and Martha A. TREDWELL
  • 8 Dec, Peter FLOYD and Mary E. HORTON (col'd)
  • 19 Jan, Daniel RAPELYE and Phebe BURTIS
  • 19 Jan, Benj. MARTIN and Marian WEBSTER
  • 1 Sep, Geo. H. NUNGERER and Anna E. CLAYTON
  • 2 Sep, Fred'k M. BASTER and Nancy ALLEN
  • 7 Sep, David I. SMITH and Margt. HUNTER (col'd)
  • 22 Oct, John CRAMPTON and Maria MERTON
  • 9 Nov, Peter WOOD and Sarah L. PINKNEY
  • 16 Nov, John WOOLSEY and Jane SEABURY
  • 3 Dec, Elbert A. HEGEMAN and Mary E. WILLIS
  • 13 Jan, Lorenzo W. HULSE and Ann MURRAY
  • 3 Feb, Edmund TOWNSEND and Harriet SCHENK (col'd)
  • 3 Feb, Thos. TREDWELL and Caroline M. TOWNSEND (col'd)
  • 11 May, Saml. ERGEN and Sarah HARDY
  • 24 Jul, Corns. JERVIS, ae 20, and Phebe WATTS, ae 19, of Jamaica
  • 25 Sep, Robt. WHALEY, ae 21, and Bridged MORAN, ae 16, of Manhasset
  • 23 Oct, Thos. HUNTER, ae 44, and Ann TREDWELL, ae 33, of Manhasset (col'd)
  • 25 Dec, Albet TOWNSEND, ae 21, and Cath. Ann SEBRAY, of Manhasset, (col'd)
  • 7 Feb, Rich. B. FERRIS and Sarah A. DEMAREST of Brooklyn
  • 13 Sep, Garret Y. SICLEN of Jamaica and Matilda HEGEMAN of Manhasset
  • 1 Oct, John H. PEARSALL and Sarah B. SCHENCK (col'd)
  • 31 Oct, Wm. Henry DAVISON and Susan Ann THOMAS, (col'd)
  • 19 Nov, St. TREDWELL and Victorine QUITMAN (col'd)
  • 6 Dec, Nathl. P. VAN WYCK and Rebecca J. BURTIS of Smithboro, Manhasset
  • 13 Dec, Henry T. HICKS and Martha A. WILLETS of Manhasset
  • 31 Dec, Benj. SEAMAN and Phebe Eliz. LEEK of Manhasset
  • 11 Feb, Rich. V. WICKLEN and Maria H. ROBBINS of Manhasset
  • 4 Mar, Thos. ANDERSON and Sarah STARKENS of Manhasset
  • 1 Apr, Valentine RUSER and Emeline CARMAN of Great Neck
  • 14 Feb, Adrian ONDERDONK and Mary W. PEARSALL of Manhasset
  • 30 Apr, Wm. Smith DOWNS and Martha Jane MOTT of Manhasset
  • 10 Aug, Francis CORNELL and Eliz. SCHENK of Manhasset (col'd)
  • 28 Aug, Henry Constantine SIMMS of Washington and Marie ONDERDONK of Manhasset
  • 15 Sep, John MERTON and Maria Ann SCHENK of Manhasset
  • 24 Dec, John B. JONES and Sarah SMITH of Manhasset
  • 31 Dec, John JERVIS and Mary Elizabeth JONES of Manhasset
  • 31 Dec, Wm. POTTER and Nancy PEARSALL of Manhasset (col'd)
  • 13 Sep, Martin ARICK and Sarah Eliz. HENDERSON of Manhasset
  • 22 Sep, Cortland V. GALDER and Cath. CHARD of Manhasset
  • 10 Oct, Chas. HULTS and Margaret Ann SEAMAN of Manhasset
  • 1 Nov, Isaac V. NOSTRAND and Mary Ann CRAMPTON of Manhasset
  • 6 Jun, Benj. BATES and Ann Eliza BRISTER of Manhasset (col'd)
  • 7 Jul, John CORNELL and Mary HEGEMAN of Manhasset
  • 5 Sep, Geo. SMITH and Mary Almira BOURDETT of Milbourn, L.I.
  • 6 Mar, Robt. JERVIS and Susan FORBELL of Manhasset
  • 12 Apr, Chas. WILKINSON and Eliz. FENTON of Manhasset
  • 15 May, Edwin L. SMITH and Rebecca RULAND of Manhasset

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