Naples Genealogy (in Ontario County, NY)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Naples Cemetery Records

Barber Cemetery Find a Grave

Cemetery, burial and family records for Naples and vicinity, Ontario County, N.Y. Family History Library

Dedrick Cemetery Find a Grave

Dedrick or Sutton cemetery inscriptions, Naples, New York, 1841-1886 Family History Library

Garling House Cemetery Find a Grave

Gerould Cemetery Find a Grave

Hunt's Hollow Cemetery Find a Grave

Percent Photographed Fairview Cemetery Find a Grave

Roberts Family Cemetery Find a Grave

Rose Ridge Cemetery Find a Grave

School House Cemetery Find a Grave

Semans Corners Find a Grave

Wilder Cemetery in the Bristol Hills Family History Library

Naples Histories and Genealogies

History of Naples, New York Ray's Place

Settlers of Naples, 1790 Family History Library

Naples Newspapers and Obituaries

Naples NY Neopolitan 1840-1887 Fulton History

Naples NY News 1898-1943 Fulton History

Naples NY Record 1870-1960 Fulton History

Naples News. (Naples, N.Y.) 1898-1943 Multiple Archives

Naples Record. (Naples, N.Y.) 1870-1884 Multiple Archives

Naples Record. (Naples, N.Y.) 1887-1960 Multiple Archives

Naples Record. (Naples, N.Y.) 1975-Current Multiple Archives

Neapolitan Record. (Naples, N.Y.) 1884-1887 Multiple Archives

Neapolitan. (Naples, N.Y.) 1879-1884 Multiple Archives

Neapolitan. (Naples, Ontario Co., N.Y.) 1840-1842 Cornell University