Rouses Point Genealogy (in Clinton County, NY)

USA (1,111,104) > New York (57,885) > Clinton County (709) > Rouses Point (14)

Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Rouses Point Cemetery Records

Percent Photographed Maple Hill Cemetery Find a Grave

Saint Patricks Cemetery Find a Grave

Rouses Point Church Records

Church records, 1856-1915 (Catholic Church. St. Patrick's (Rouses Point, New York)) Family History Library

Rouses Point Map Records

Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Rouses Point, Clinton County, New York, January 1891 Library of Congress

Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Rouses Point, Clinton County, New York, October 1884 Library of Congress

Rouses Point Newspapers and Obituaries

Lakeside Echo. Rouses Point, Clinton County : 1885-1885 New York State Library

North Countryman. (Rouses Point, N.Y.) 1928-Current US Newspaper Directory

Northern New York Historical Newspapers, includes Rouses Point North Countryman, 1928-1982 Northern New York Library Network

Rouse's Point Advertiser. (Rouses Point [N.Y.]) 1852-1858 US Newspaper Directory

Rouse's Point Advertiser. Rouses Point, Clinton County : 1852-1858 New York State Library

Rouses Point NY North Countryman 1928-1961 Fulton History

Rouses Point Times. Rouses Point, Clinton County : 1909-1909 New York State Library

The North Countryman. Rouses Point, Clinton County : 1928-1982 New York State Library

The North countryman. Rouses Point, N.Y. 1928-03-01 to 1982-03-17 NYS Historic Newspapers

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