Yaphank Genealogy (in Suffolk County, NY)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Yaphank Cemetery Records

Buckingham - Homan Cemetery Long Island Genealogy

Buckingham-Homan Cemetery Find a Grave

Hawkins Family Cemetery Find a Grave

Inscriptions from six cemeteries of Suffolk County, L.I., New York Family History Library

Interment List: Hawkins Cemetery Long Island Genealogy

Old Yaphank Baptist Cemetery Find a Grave

Presbyterian Cemetery Find a Grave

Saint Andrew Episcopal Church Cemetery Interment

Saint Andrews Cemetery Find a Grave

St. Andrews Episcopal Church Cemetery Long Island Genealogy

St. Andrews Episcopal Church Cemetery US Gen Web

The Old Baptist Cemetery Long Island Genealogy

The Yaphank Presbyterian Cemetery Long Island Genealogy

Yaphank Census Records

Census for Coram, Middle Island (Ridge), and Yaphank 1900 Longwood's Journey

Yaphank Census 1860 Longwood's Journey

Yaphank Census 1870 Longwood's Journey

Yaphank Census 1880 Longwood's Journey

Yaphank Histories and Genealogies

Yaphank as it is, and was, and will be Long Island Genealogy

Yaphank as it is, and was, and will be : containing biographical sketches of all its prominent men Family History Library

Yaphank Military Records

Camp Upton, LI, NY 1917-8 (in Yaphank) Long Island Genealogy

Yaphank as it is, and was, and will be (includes biographical sketches) Cornell University Library

Yaphank Newspapers and Obituaries

Yaphank Courier. Yaphank, Suffolk County : 1890-1890 New York State Library