1940 U.S. Federal Census of Fairport in Greene County, Greene, Ohio

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USA > Ohio > Greene County > 1940 Census of Fairport in Greene County

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A Surnames

AhlemannPaul Eborn about 1918
AnkenbrandtF Leroyborn about 1904
AnkenbrandtGerald Dborn about 1934
AnkenbrandtJanet Cborn about 1905
AnkenbrandtJoan Hborn about 1931

B Surnames

BaileyForrest Jborn about 1919
BarrCharles Jborn about 1918
BellEugene Eborn about 1921
BibbsLucille born about 1911
BoatnerBertha Eborn about 1910
BoatnerBryant Lborn about 1908
BoatnerEdith Tborn about 1934
BoatnerEmily Jborn about 1933
BoydElizabeth born about 1913
BrieckRonald Eborn about 1919

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C Surnames

ChaspelHarvey Kborn about 1912
CohenMelvin Dborn about 1919
CurryMamie born about 1906

D Surnames

DeningEudid Bborn about 1913

F Surnames

FabeGerson born about 1922
FinkMartha Hborn about 1914
FinkRudolph born about 1905
FinkRudolph Iiiborn about 1939
FlorenceLucille born about 1923
FordIra born about 1918

G Surnames

GilkeyElouise Mborn about 1904
GilkeyS Aborn about 1901
GilkeySigna Aborn about 1902
GodfreySelmar born about 1917

H Surnames

HasselbackHarold Lborn about 1921
HeckmanArcil Eborn about 1918
HessCharles Rborn about 1922
HillLaura Mborn about 1894
HillLloyd Mborn about 1894
HillLloyd Rborn about 1921
HillWm Oborn about 1922

I Surnames

IrwinHarold Rborn about 1920

K Surnames

KelcheMae born about 1889
KingsleyGrace Dborn about 1908
KingsleyLeslie Kborn about 1902

L Surnames

LuckertEric born about 1911

M Surnames

McCoyHoward Mborn about 1908
McCoyPauline Bborn about 1910
McGinnPeter Pborn about 1911
McLaughlinEugene Cborn about 1918
MorganLeroy D Bborn about 1912
MorganMithelee born about 1939
MorganWilliam Mborn about 1904

N Surnames

NahrwoldRichard Aborn about 1917
NunnWilliam D Jrborn about 1917

P Surnames

PalloneDonald Cborn about 1920

R Surnames

RolosonSusie born about 1901

S Surnames

SessumsJean born about 1938
SessumsJohn Wborn about 1904
SessumsMarion Dborn about 1914
SessumsMarion Lborn about 1935
ShieldsCalvin Tborn about 1867
StebetonMabel Cborn about 1895
StephletMargarete born about 1918
StephletNancy Rborn about 1939
StephletRichard Bborn about 1887
StewartOra Pateborn about 1911
StewartRobert Wilsonborn about 1905
StewartRobt Wilson Jrborn about 1939
StewartSharo Lynnborn about 1937
StrongWoodrow born about 1914
SwaffordFrank Wborn about 1937
SwaffordMartha Mborn about 1907
SwaffordRalph P Iiiborn about
SwaffordRalph P Jrborn about 1905

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T Surnames

ThurlowAlma Lborn about 1912
ThurlowThomas Lborn about 1906
ThurlowThomas Nborn about 1936

W Surnames

WallaceFred Rborn about 1922
WhiteHenry Rborn about 1915
WinsteadBarbara Jborn about 1923
WinsteadEdna Bborn about 1898
WinsteadPatricia born about 1925
WinsteadStanley Mborn about 1895
WinsteadStanley Mborn about 1929

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