1940 U.S. Federal Census of Green County, Greene, Ohio

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USA > Ohio > Greene County > 1940 Census of Green County

B Surnames D Surnames E Surnames G Surnames H Surnames J Surnames K Surnames L Surnames M Surnames N Surnames O Surnames P Surnames R Surnames S Surnames T Surnames U Surnames V Surnames W Surnames

B Surnames

BeaverLeota born about 1866
BeltGeorge born about 1877
BennettCarmic Rborn about 1895
BennettCurtis Lborn about 1924
BennettMelda Mborn about 1900

D Surnames

DouglassFlorence born about 1923
DouglassHelen born about 1898
DouglassLloyd Hborn about 1891
DouglassWilliam Cborn about 1920
DouglassWilliam Lborn about 1864
DuncanCharles Sborn about 1938
DuncanElizabeth born about 1914
DuncanMartha Jborn about 1937
DuncanPearl born about 1908

E Surnames

EiflerVictor born about 1919
EsperRobert Eborn about 1919

G Surnames

GearyCharles Fborn about 1918
GodfreyRobert Jborn about 1918
GoodmanBessie born about 1908
GoodmanJohn born about 1913
GrisezFrancis Jborn about 1918

H Surnames

HartkeWilfred Mborn about 1913
HelmThomas born about 1919
HenryEdwin Eborn about 1931
HenryEileen Eborn about 1935
HenryGerald Fborn about 1932
HenryJohn Rborn about 1906
HenrySue Eborn about 1907
HoaglandFlorence born about 1918
HoaglandRobert born about 1915
HochendonerJohn Aborn about 1912
HoeperRobert born about 1919
HofstetterCharles born about 1917
HoganThomas born about 1918
HowardFrank born about 1908
HowardIrene born about 1914
HudsonCatherine born about 1872
HudsonIsaac born about 1867

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J Surnames

JordanGeorge born about 1914
JordanLarry born about 1938
JordanNora born about 1916

K Surnames

KeimigJoseph Fborn about 1918
KelleyPaul born about 1919
KerrJoseph born about 1918
KneiringerJoseph Aborn about 1920
KooglerCharles born about 1869
KooglerDella born about 1877
KramerBernard Aborn about 1918

L Surnames

LedgerE Eguneborn about 1918
LeesCharles born about 1919
LewisBerley Wborn about 1934
LewisLida Lborn about 1932
LewisLow Emmaborn about 1940
LewisRaymond Mborn about 1937
LewisViolet Bborn about 1914
LytleGeorge Nborn about 1918

M Surnames

MasseyElsworth born about 1912
McKeeDonald Cborn about 1919
MeyerBernard Jborn about 1920
MonroeRobert Mborn about 1885

N Surnames

NesbitKenneth Wborn about 1920
NovosalPaul Rborn about 1918

O Surnames

OshaughnessyRichard Vborn about 1918

P Surnames

PetersonMildred born about 1901
PetersonPaul born about 1893
PetersonRaymond born about 1884
PieperJames born about 1920
PritchardHarriet Dborn about 1930
PritchardHarry Jborn about 1896
PritchardHarry J Jrborn about 1925
PritchardMary Gborn about 1927
PritchardTeresa Lborn about 1923
PritchardVoleta Aborn about 1911
PuckettWalter Eborn about 1919

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R Surnames

RombachBernard Wborn about 1918
RoundsRobert Hborn about 1919

S Surnames

SchaeferHenry Aborn about 1918
ShawBetty born about 1938
ShawCalvin born about 1925
ShawCharles born about 1928
ShawClara Maeborn about 1931
ShawDorothy born about 1923
ShawJessie born about 1935
ShawLessie born about 1896
ShawRoy born about 1894
ShawRuth born about 1933
SinglerFrancis Xborn about 1916
SteeleVincent Eborn about 1919
StolsekLouis born about 1919
StrebHenry born about 1916
StreiffJoseph born about 1918

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T Surnames

TaylorLawrence born about 1920
ThayerRalph Eborn about 1919
TippyClarence Mborn about 1899
TippyPauline born about 1902
TippyWillard Jborn about 1922

U Surnames

UpdikeAlbert Lborn about 1898
UpdikeAlbert L Jrborn about 1925
UpdikeCathryn Eborn about 1900

V Surnames

VanuithovenMartin born about 1917

W Surnames

WakerVictor born about 1920
WeberLouis Aborn about 1919
WilkinsClarence born about 1918

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