1940 U.S. Federal Census of Green Township in Greene County, Greene, Ohio

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USA > Ohio > Greene County > 1940 Census of Green Township in Greene County

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A Surnames

AllenClarence born about 1898
AllenHerbert Lborn about 1929
AllenRuth Pborn about 1908
AndersonAllen Gborn about 1882
AndersonElizabeth Cborn about 1931
AndersonLawrence Cborn about 1919

B Surnames

BeaklerRuby Vborn about 1922
BeaklerWilliam Aborn about 1914
BeardKathrine born about 1889

D Surnames

DeihlInez born about 1901

E Surnames

EleyetEmma Hborn about 1859

F Surnames

FergusonHelen Wborn about 1893

G Surnames

GerlaughAlice Lborn about 1911
GerlaughHarry Jborn about 1906
GerlaughJohn Eborn about 1935
GerlaughMary Eborn about 1938
GerlaughShannon Hborn about 1933
GrothConrad born about 1891
GrothGeorgiana born about 1864
GrothJulia Lborn about 1890

K Surnames

KooglerEmma born about 1872
KooglerWest Aborn about 1874

M Surnames

MayorDavid Pborn about 1882
MayorEttie Cborn about 1888
MayorMary Jborn about 1926
MossieHattie born about 1878
MossieJerry born about 1878
MurreyWheeler Sborn about 1875

N Surnames

NullMarvin Cborn about 1923

R Surnames

RoweAlbert Lborn about 1887
RoweAlbert Nborn about 1932
RoweGlen Cborn about 1917
RoweMargaret Lborn about 1921
RoweMary Dborn about 1924
RoweNellie Bborn about 1895
RoweVirginia Bborn about 1929

S Surnames

SemlerHarold born about 1913
SemlerLoretta born about 1916

T Surnames

TippyLevi Sborn about 1859

W Surnames

WaldenCarl Tborn about 1913
WaldenH Marieborn about 1915

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