1940 U.S. Federal Census of Yellow Springs, Greene, Ohio

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USA > Ohio > Greene County > 1940 Census of Yellow Springs

B Surnames C Surnames D Surnames E Surnames F Surnames H Surnames I Surnames J Surnames K Surnames L Surnames M Surnames N Surnames P Surnames R Surnames S Surnames V Surnames W Surnames

B Surnames

BailJohn Hborn about 1918
BrettWilliam born about 1914
BrownThomas born about 1918

C Surnames

CadyArthur born about 1920
CarnesEarl F Srborn about 1916
CaseElwood born about 1915
CochraneGordon Sborn about 1916
CockrumCloyd born about 1913
CoppockHarold born about 1919
CorriganOwen born about 1918

D Surnames

DenmeadVirginia born about 1917
DoleArthur born about 1918

E Surnames

EanesDean born about 1917
EilbergNatalie born about 1921

F Surnames

FiessEdward born about 1915

H Surnames

HamlinWilfrid born about 1918
HarterLafayette born about 1919
HendrickJohn born about 1917
HineJustin born about 1916
HoeberFrancis Pborn about 1919

I Surnames

InmanIrwin born about 1918

J Surnames

JohnsonDavid born about 1919

K Surnames

KintzelPaul born about 1915

L Surnames

LeonardJohn Eborn about 1918
LiepeWolfram born about 1919
LinhartDavid born about 1917
LinkElizabeth Annborn about 1918

M Surnames

ManryRobert born about 1919
MasonMerwither Aborn about 1917
McPhadenBruce born about 1918
MinnisLloyd born about 1919

N Surnames

NobleRobert Hborn about 1917

P Surnames

PetersJohn born about 1916

R Surnames

RobinsonWilliam born about 1917

S Surnames

SparhawkG Rogerborn about 1918
StokesAlbert born about 1912
SwentromDarrel born about 1917

V Surnames

VanorsdolWilliam Fborn about 1916

W Surnames

WadstromGeorge born about 1913
WestromFred Cborn about 1917
WilcoxLee born about 1915
WinesRalph born about 1919

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