Amherst Genealogy (in Lorain County, OH)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Amherst Cemetery Records

Cleveland Street Cemetery Find a Grave

Crownhill Cemetery Find a Grave

Evergreen Cemetery Find a Grave

Evergreen Cemetery Interment

Kendeigh Corner Cemetery Find a Grave

Methodist Cemetery Find a Grave

Middle Ridge Cemetery Find a Grave

Pioneer Cemetery Find a Grave

Ridge Hill Memorial Park Interment

Ridge Hill Memorial Park Find a Grave

Saint Joseph Catholic Cemetery Find a Grave

Amherst Histories and Genealogies

Amherst sesquicentennial, August 1-8, 1964 : history of Amherst, 1814-1964 Family History Library

Amherst's story Family History Library

Amherst Military Records

Amherst Community World War II Record Ohio Memory

Amherst Newspapers and Obituaries

Amherst Free Press. (Amherst, Ohio) 1875-1879 Multiple Archives

Amherst News-Times. (Amherst, Ohio) 1919-Current Multiple Archives

Amherst Pictorial History Ohio Memory

Amherst Reporter. (Amherst, Lorain County, Ohio) 1892-1917 Ohio Historical Society

Amherst Weekly News. (Amherst, [Ohio) 1914-1919 Multiple Archives

Amherst School Records

Amherst Steele High School - Amherstonian Yearbook (Amherst, OH) 1987 E Yearbooks

Yearbooks of Amherst High School 1906-1946 Ohio Memory

Yearbooks of Firelands High School 1956, 1964, 1969 Ohio Memory