Fort Recovery Genealogy (in Mercer County, OH)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Fort Recovery Cemetery Records

Fort Recovery Monument Park Find a Grave

Green Mound Cemetery Interment

Green Mound Cemetery Find a Grave

Money Cemetery Find a Grave

Old Pioneer Cemetery Find a Grave

Pisgah Cemetery Find a Grave

Saint Mary Cemetery Find a Grave

Scott-Anderson Cemetery (Defunct) Find a Grave

Spring Hill Cemetery Find a Grave

Fort Recovery Church Records

History of St. Joseph Parish, R.R. 1, Fort Recovery, Ohio Family History Library

Index of St. Paul's Church records, 1868-1901 Family History Library

Index of St. Wendelin Church records, 1857-1888 Family History Library

Lutheran Church records 1855-2006 : St. James Lutheran Church, Madison Township, Salamonia, Jay County, Indiana; Trinity Lutheran Church, Recovery Township, Ft. Recovery, Mercer County, Ohio Family History Library

St. Joseph Church records, 1840-1940 : Ft. Recovery, Ohio, Mercer County Dayton Metro Library

St. Peter Church records : [1855-2010]. SEO Automation Consortium

St. Peter Church records extract : 1855-1900 SEO Automation Consortium

St. Wendelin church records extract: 1857-1888 : St. Wendelin Church, Wendelin, 2980 Ft. Recovery Minster Road, Ft. Recovery Ohio 45846, Mercer County California State Library - Sutro Library

Fort Recovery Newspapers and Obituaries

Fort Recovery Weekly Times. (Ft. Recovery, O. [Ohio]) 1885-1889 Ohio Historical Society

Journal and the Mercer County Photo-News. (Fort Recovery, Ohio) 1939-1950 Ohio Historical Society

Journal. (Fort Recovery, Ohio) 1931-1939 Ohio Historical Society

Journal. (Fort Recovery, Ohio) 1950-1958 Ohio Historical Society

Journal. (Fort Recovery, Ohio) 1959-1973 Ohio Historical Society

New Era. (Fort Recovery, Ohio) 1878-1884 Ohio Historical Society