Gallia County OH Tax Records

USA (1,000,719) > Ohio (44,673) > Gallia County (492) > Gallia County Tax Records (8)

USA (1,000,719) > Ohio (44,673) > Ohio Tax Records (251) > Gallia County Tax Records (8)

Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the county level. Statewide collections are found on the Ohio Tax Records page.

Gallia County Tax Records

Duplicate tax records of Gallia County Ohio, 1816-1838 Family History Library

Gallia County 1812 tax duplicate WorldCat

Gallia County 1819 tax duplicate WorldCat

Gallia County, 1812 tax list duplicate Family History Library

Gallia County, 1819 tax duplicate Family History Library

Gallia County, Ohio residents, 1800-1825 : taken from chattel tax lists, land tax lists, wolf scalp lists, 1800 & 1820 census Family History Library

Quadrennial enumerations, 1899 Family History Library

Southern Ohio taxpayers in the 1820s : Gallia and Jackson counties Family History Library