Hubbard Genealogy (in Trumbull County, OH)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Hubbard Cemetery Records

Corner House Cemetery Find a Grave

Hubbard Union Cemetery Find a Grave

Maple Grove Cemetery Find a Grave

Old North Cemetery Find a Grave

Porterfield Cemetery Find a Grave

Saint Patricks Cemetery Find a Grave

Veach Cemetery Find a Grave

Hubbard Church Records

Pastor's records, 1860-1903 [Lucian John Mayer] Family History Library

Pastoral record, 1858-1903 Family History Library

Hubbard Death Records

The Anderson Funeral Home records, Hubbard, Trumbull Co., OH : records from Jan. 11, 1908 to Aug. 27, 1943 Western Reserve Historical Society

The Anderson Funeral Home records, Hubbard, Trumbull County, OH, records from Jan 11, 1908 to Aug 27, 1943 Family History Library

Hubbard City Directories

Youngstown (Ohio) city directories Family History Library

Hubbard Newspapers and Obituaries

Hubbard Eagle. (Hubbard, Ohio) 1966-Current Ohio Historical Society

Hubbard Enterprise. (Hubbard, Ohio) 1880-1925 Multiple Archives

Hubbard News 1961-1992 Newspaper Archive at FindMyPast

Hubbard News 1961-63 and 1968-69 (Newspaper: Hubbard, Ohio) Ancestry

Hubbard News and Reporter. (Hubbard, Ohio) 1967-1974 Ohio Historical Society

Hubbard News and Suburban Reporter. (Hubbard, Ohio) 1962-1963 Ohio Historical Society

Hubbard News. (Hubbard, Ohio) 1974-Current Ohio Historical Society

Hubbard News. (Hubbard, Trumbull County, Ohio) 1926-1962 Ohio Historical Society

News Reporter 1962-1967 Newspaper Archive at FindMyPast

News Reporter 1962-63 and 1965-67 (Newspaper: Hubbard, Ohio) Ancestry

News-Reporter 1962-1967

News-Reporter. (Hubbard, Ohio) 1963-1967 Ohio Historical Society