London Genealogy (in Madison County, OH)

USA (618,007) > Ohio (31,210) > Madison County (174) > London (32)

Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

London Cemetery Records

Institution Cemetery Find a Grave

Kirkwood Cemetery Find a Grave

Oak Hill Cemetery Interment

Oak Hill Cemetery Find a Grave

Paint Township Cemetery Find a Grave

Saint Patricks Cemetery Find a Grave

London Church Records

Brief history of St. Patricks Parish, London, Ohio Family History Library

Saint Patrick's Catholic Church, London, Madison County, Ohio records. Columbus Metropolitan Library

London City Directories

Classified business and professional directory of prominent towns and cities of Ohio and eastern Indiana Family History Library

Polk's London (Madison County, Ohio) city directory : 1964 Family History Library

London Land Records

London, county seat of Madison County, Ohio : the town plat, the deed records, the first owners of town lots from deed book 1, Recorder's Office, Madison County Court House, London, Ohio Family History Library

London Newspapers and Obituaries

Daily Nickel Plate. (London, Ohio) 1889-1905 Ohio Historical Society

London Enterprise. (London, Madison County, Ohio) 1902-1937 Ohio Historical Society

London Enterprise. (London, O. [Ohio]) 1872-1893 Ohio Historical Society

London Semi-Weekly Enterprise. (London, Madison County, Ohio) 1894-1901 Ohio Historical Society

London Sentinel. (London, Ohio) 1843-1851 Multiple Archives

London Times. (London, O. [Ohio]) 1870-1876 Multiple Archives

London Times. (London, Ohio) 1880-1917 Ohio Historical Society

London Vigilant. (London, Ohio) 1886-1896 Ohio Historical Society

London Weekly Times. (London, Ohio) 1876-1880 Ohio Historical Society

Madison Chronicle. (London, O. [Ohio]) 1854-1863 Multiple Archives

Madison County Democrat. (London, Ohio) 1862-1901 Multiple Archives

Madison County Herald. (Peterboro) 1813-1818 Multiple Archives

Madison County Republican Vigilant. (London, Madison County, Ohio) 1896-1905 Ohio Historical Society

Madison County Union. (London, O. [Ohio]) 1863-1870 Ohio Historical Society

Madison Patriot. (London, Madison County, Ohio) 1833-1834 Multiple Archives

Madison Press. (London, Ohio) 1917-Current Ohio Historical Society

Madison Reveille. (London [Ohio]) 1851-1854 Ohio Historical Society

National Democrat. (London, Ohio) 1857-1862 Ohio Historical Society

Semi-Weekly Madison County Democrat. (London, Ohio) 1901-1917 Multiple Archives

Tri-Weekly Madison County Democrat. (London, Ohio) 1917-1923 Ohio Historical Society

Tribune. (London, Ohio) 1982-Current Ohio Historical Society