Perry County OH Map Records

USA (1,012,695) > Ohio (47,743) > Perry County (403) > Perry County Map Records (7)

USA (1,012,695) > Ohio (47,743) > Ohio Map Records (572) > Perry County Map Records (7)

Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the county level. Statewide collections are found on the Ohio Map Records page.

Perry County Map Records

Atlas of Historical County Boundaries Newberry Library

Atlas of Perry Co., Ohio : from actual surveys by and under the direction of D. J. Lake, to which is added a township map of the State of Ohio, also an outline & railroad map of the United States Family History Library

Highway map of Perry County, Ohio Family History Library

Historic U.S. Maps MyHeritage

History of Fairfield and Perry counties, Ohio : their past and present, containing a comprehensive history of Ohio, a complete history of Fairfield and Perry counties, their townships, cities, villages, towns, schools, churches, societies, industries, statistics, etc., a history of their soldiers in the late war, portraits of early settlers and prominent men, miscellaneous matter, maps of the counties, biographies and histories of pioneer families, etc., etc. Family History Library

Index to the atlas of Perry Co., Ohio 1875 : listing all towns and property owners by name and giving the page, township and section where they can be located Family History Library

Perry County, Ohio land ownership map, 1859 Family History Library