Somerset Genealogy (in Perry County, OH)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Somerset Cemetery Records

Bethel Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery Find a Grave

Cemetery inscriptions from Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery, Somerset, Ohio WorldCat

Cemetery inscriptions, Evangelical Luthern Cemetery, Somerset, Ohio Family History Library

Combs Family Cemetery Find a Grave

Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery Find a Grave

Holy Trinity Cemetery Find a Grave

Hopewell Baptist Church Cemetery Find a Grave

Lutheran Cemetery Find a Grave

New Reading Cemetery Find a Grave

Oakthorpe Cemetery Find a Grave

Perry County Pioneer Cemetery Find a Grave

Saint Joseph Cemetery Find a Grave

Somerset Methodist Cemetery Find a Grave

Unity Presbyterian Cemetery Find a Grave

Wesley Chapel Cemetery Find a Grave

Somerset Newspapers and Obituaries

Democratic Union. (Somerset, Ohio) 1857-1867 US Newspaper Directory

Flag of '76. (Somerset, Ohio) 1842-1845 US Newspaper Directory

Ohio Courier and Perry Democrat. (Somerset, Perry County, Ohio) 1830s-1830s US Newspaper Directory

Perry County Democrat. (Somerset, Ohio) 1849-1853 US Newspaper Directory

Perry Record and Ohio Whig. (Somerset, Ohio) 1827-1828 US Newspaper Directory

Perry Record and Somerset Journal. (Somerset, O. [Ohio]) 1826-1827 US Newspaper Directory

Perry Record. (Somerset, Ohio) 1824-1826 US Newspaper Directory

Somerset Advocate. (Somerset, Ohio) 1866-1869 US Newspaper Directory

Somerset Post. (Somerset, Ohio) 1845-1855 US Newspaper Directory

Somerset Press 10/10/1873 to 06/22/1882 Genealogy Bank

Somerset Press. (Somerset, Ohio) 1873-1977 US Newspaper Directory

Somerset Review. (Somerset, Ohio) 1857-1858 US Newspaper Directory

Somerset Tribune. (Somerset, Ohio) 1871-1873 US Newspaper Directory

The Somerset Press 1873-1882

The Somerset press (Somerset, Ohio) (from Oct. 10, 1873 to June 22, 1882) MyHeritage

The Somerset press. (Somerset, Ohio) (from Oct. 10, 1873 to June 22, 1882) Chronicling America

Western Post and Perry Advertiser. (Somerset, Ohio) 1831-1834 US Newspaper Directory

Western Post and Perry Democratic Advertiser. (Somerset, Ohio) 1835-1845 US Newspaper Directory

Western Post. (Somerset, Ohio) 1834-1835 US Newspaper Directory

Western World and Political Tickler. (Somerset, Ohio) 1821-1822 US Newspaper Directory

Somerset School Records

Somerset High School Somersonian Yearbook 1951 (Somerset) E Yearbooks