1940 U.S. Federal Census of Platt National Park, Murray, Oklahoma

Census index courtesy of RootsPoint.com

USA > Oklahoma > Murray County > 1940 Census of Platt National Park

B Surnames E Surnames H Surnames M Surnames S Surnames T Surnames

B Surnames

BranchEdward born about 1938
BranchLorena born about 1932
BranchOrena born about 1935
BranchPatricia born about 1925
BranchWilliam Eborn about 1891

E Surnames

EakinAldene Aborn about 1907

H Surnames

HallElizabeth born about 1872
HallJohn Wborn about 1871
HetzlerBetty Joeborn about 1925
HetzlerJosephine born about 1894
HetzlerVaughn Gborn about 1893
HollandJean born about 1938
HollandJerry born about 1935
HollandMildred born about 1920

M Surnames

ManisEdward Lborn about 1881
ManisEula Bborn about 1879
McElweeEarl Fborn about 1893
McElweeEdith born about 1896
MerchantRayford born about 1922
MeyersWilliam Aborn about 1900

S Surnames

SheldonEldredge Oborn about 1909
SmithCarl born about 1914
SmithMollie born about 1876
SmithOllie Mayborn about 1922
SmithThomas Vborn about 1872
SpradlinGervase Eborn about 1895
StephensDon born about 1929
StephensJohn Aborn about 1905
StephensMargie born about 1904

T Surnames

TaylorAllen born about 1927
TaylorAndrew Pborn about 1882
TaylorWillie born about 1891

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