Cleveland County OK Census Records

USA (931,145) > Oklahoma (14,635) > Cleveland County (280) > Cleveland County Census Records (11)

USA (931,145) > Oklahoma (14,635) > Oklahoma Census Records (736) > Cleveland County Census Records (11)

Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the county level. Statewide collections are found on the Oklahoma Census Records page.

Cleveland County Census Records

1890-1907 Oklahoma Territorial Census Ancestry

1900 Federal U.S. Census Ancestry

1910 Federal U.S. Census Ancestry

1920 Federal U.S. Census Ancestry

1930 Federal U.S. Census Ancestry

1940 Federal U.S. Census Ancestry

Federal Population Census of the U.S. 1790-1940

United States Federal Census, 1790-1940 Family Search

Lexington Census Records

Lexington, City of, enumeration of inhabitants, 1 Feb 1898 Family History Library

Moore Census Records

First territorial census of Oklahoma, 1890, Moore, Little River Township : township 10 North - ranges 3 & 4 west Family History Library

Noble Census Records

Town of Noble, first territorial census of Oklahoma, 1890 Family History Library