Homestead Genealogy (in Allegheny County, PA)

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Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages.

Homestead Cemetery Records

Calvery Cemetery Find a Grave

Homestead Cemetery Find a Grave

Homestead Cemetery US Gen Web Archives

Homestead Hebrew Cemetery Find a Grave

Keep the home fires burning : accumulation of various records of defunct or historical places in Allegheny County, PA Family History Library

Saint Anns Roman Catholic Cemetery Find a Grave

Homestead City Directories

Homestead (Pennsylvania) city directories Family History Library

Homestead, PA 1902-1932 City Directories Allen County Public Library

U.S. City Directories (includes Homestead 1902, 1906, 1908, 1912, 1914, 1916, 1918,1921, 1925, 1927, 1929, 1931 ) Ancestry

Homestead Histories and Genealogies

Homestead Township: the Households of a Mill Town Historic Pittsburgh

Homestead Newspapers and Obituaries

Chartiers Valley Times. (Homestead, Pa.) 1978-1979 Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Daily Messenger. (Homestead, Pa.) 1907-1921 Multiple Archives

Daily Messenger. (Homestead, Pa.) 1932-1967 Multiple Archives

Daily Messenger. (Homestead, Pa.) 1971-1979 Multiple Archives

Gcu Messenger. (Homestead, Pa.) 1976-1993 Multiple Archives

Herald. (Homestead, Pa.) 1970s-1979 Multiple Archives

Homestead Daily News. (Homestead, Pa.) 1897-1898 Multiple Archives

Homestead Herald. (Homestead, Pa.) 1880-1882 Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania

Homestead News-Messenger. (Homestead, Pa.) 1898-1899 Multiple Archives

Homestead News. (Homestead, Pa.) 1893-1897 Multiple Archives

Homestead Times. (Homestead, Pa.) 1881-1883 Multiple Archives

Local News. (Homestead, Pa.) 1884-1893 Multiple Archives

Messenger. (Homestead, Pa.) 1921-1932 Multiple Archives

Mirror. (Homestead, Pa.) 1881-1882 Multiple Archives

New Daily Messenger. (Homestead, Pa.) 1967-1971 Multiple Archives

News-Messenger. (Homestead, Pa.) 1899-1907 Multiple Archives